Announcing the winners of our Office of the Future Dribbble rebound contest!

Wells Riley
Oct 3, 2018 · 3 min read
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At Envoy, we’re challenging the status quo of workplace technology. We believe that great design and cutting-edge technology can solve age-old problems at work, and we challenged you to share your vision of an office of the future.

Our design team reviewed all of the wonderful submissions, and we chose a winner plus three runners-up based on number of ❤️’s on Dribbble. All of the winners will receive an Envoy merch pack curated by our team, and the grand prize winner will also receive an iPad and Apple Pencil!

Without further ado — our grand prize winner is…

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Office of the Future by Nancy Nguyen
51 ❤️’s

We love Nancy’s beautiful illustration, and we really dig the spirit behind it. Nancy’s office of the future is all about balance:

Gone are the days of overly chilly offices and loud common areas. If workplaces can be open to a nice balance between in-office collaboration and the choice to work remote when appropriate I think that would make a big difference — especially for the creative types!

There’s been a big shift in how people think about work. In the past people separated their “work life” and “personal life”, but more and more people want to integrate work into their lives. That comes with higher expectations from their workplace. Temperature control, spaces with different vibes, and office pets are some awesome new trends that embrace this cultural shift.

Congrats on the awesome shot, Nancy!

Runners up: most ❤️’s

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Work Space App by Jess Gray
98 ❤️’s

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Office of the Future by Emily Wyss
24 ❤️’s

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Office of the future by Ev Fletcher
15 ❤️’s

Thanks to everyone who participated: who shared the contest with their designer buds, liked, commented, and created some awesome futuristic work. We hope you had as much fun as we did :)

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