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Alec Schmidt
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3 min readJun 28, 2018


We recently relocated and there’s a lot to be excited about!

Envoy has grown out of two office spaces in five years, but now with our latest move we have plenty of space to grow into. Needless to say, we’re stoked. Moving into a larger office has already had positive effects on culture and collaboration, and the design team is working on customizing the space to ensure pride, productivity, and brand presence.

More space = more collaboration

As with a lot of growing startups, we physically outgrew our old office. But we were also looking for a change in atmosphere. Our previous office had three small floors, which split up the team and left us constantly traveling up and down to meeting rooms or our desks. While climbing stairs was good for cardio, the office layout left us feeling a bit detached from each other.

In our new office, we all sit on the same floor and we have access to five times more meeting rooms. We can easily find each other and we have plenty of space to meet, which has increased collaboration immensely.

We also now have plenty of desk space to support our growing team—check out our open roles!

Designing the office atmosphere

Extra space has already had a huge positive impact on the team, but the designers have even more plans to customize the office and make the space ours.

Here are a few things we’re working on:

Reception area

As a company founded to improve the visitor’s experience, the office reception area is obviously very important to us.

Our new office has a much more spacious reception area, which the design team immediately jumped at the chance to decorate. So far we’ve added comfy new seating and some 🔥 accent pieces.

We’re also brainstorming new ways to test our flagship Visitor Registration product in our own office. When our own visitors use Envoy to sign in, we get real-time feedback on our products and insight into what to build next.


We want to bring our company mission and values to life with signage around the office.

We’re designing our mission statement in 3D lettering with painted edges, inspired by the Alexander Calder Motion Lab exhibit at the SFMOMA.

Preview of future 3D signage

We’re also working on new posters for around the office—my personal favorite thing to design! These will be in addition to the awesome posters Amy designed based on our team values.

Core Value Posters by Amy Devereux

We’ll keep updating our blog with design updates to our new office space. We’re super excited to experiment and craft a space perfectly suited for our team.

The design team, hard at work.

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Alec Schmidt
Envoy Design

Visual Designer at Envoy