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Hi there, new friends

We’re the design team at Envoy, and we’re excited to come out from behind the pixels and finally say hello. Thanks for being here! ✨

Get to know us

Like many design teams, we fancy ourselves big thinkers and problem-solvers, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously along the way. In our stories, we’ll share a little bit of all of that — from practical resources to personal insights and everything in between.

You’ll also get to know our team here, too. As a small group of writers, product designers, and visual designers, we each have a big impact on what design means at Envoy. We all have a different backgrounds, unique passions, and personal obsessions (brunch, anyone?) that we’re exited to let you in on.

Stop and chat

While we plan to give you a peek inside all things Envoy, we hope you’ll share your stories with us, too. Let’s connect on Twitter, Dribbble, or right here in the comments.

And when you’re in SF, just drop us a line. We love to chat in person, too! ️💁




Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo.

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Envoy Design

Envoy Design

The designers challenging the workplace status quo.

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