Redesigning the core Envoy experience

Jon Rundle
Dec 4, 2018 · 6 min read

More than just a visual refresh

When you have a couple of years between substantial updates, it’s easy to have a list of existing ideas that you want to tackle right away. But to go about this the right way, we needed to ground our efforts in quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Where to start

Essentially this project boiled down to three main themes:

  1. Include better analytics and behaviour tracking to inform decisions going forward
  2. Fix outstanding UX issues and provide a better experience for visitors

Analytics and design

Having a diverse team on this project meant we didn’t have to do everything one part at a time. The first step of this project was to do the basic design refresh and include new measurement points.

Addressing outstanding issues

Once we had a basic new design applied throughout the app, we moved onto fixing existing problems and experiences that were sub-par.

Wait, test it first

It was easy to assume that a change like this to the sign in fields was going to be better than what we had before, but we didn’t want to leave that as an assumption. We first needed to test to make sure this was the right adjustment to make. This started by building a simple prototype where we had people in our office test drive the new design; we would randomly change the order of the fields to see if they noticed and filled in the right information. Once that passed the test, we also ran the same experiment with some of our visitors and customers. This didn’t need to be a full scale A/B test, but a few gut checks along the way made us more confident in the final result.

A product is never finished

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Envoy Design

Stories and ideas from designers that challenge the workplace status quo.