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Saying goodbye to “Good enough”

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“Good enough to ship”

A polarizing phrase. For some, it’s simply the path of action. For others, it can make your hair stand on end and send chills down your spine. The problem with phrases like good enough is that there’s this negative connotation tied to it—that we’re taking a shortcut.

“We know it’s not really there yet, but it’s fine.” “We’ll put it out, and we’ll fix it later.”

But other work takes priority and later never comes. The danger here is that you wind up losing the user’s trust with a solution so far off the mark it makes it difficult for users to have faith in your next iteration.

“Not quite perfect yet”

On the other end of the spectrum is the idea of creating THE solution. The perfect design, the perfect code, the perfect product. On the surface, striving for this seems inspiring, but in reality it means you’re going to burn out trying to achieve the unachievable. Let’s be real: there is no perfect product out there. A product is never finished. It’s continually evolving and there’s always something that can be improved.

Finding the middle ground

Perfection is unattainable and good enough is simply not enough. Instead, let’s shift the mindset towards great enough, a new mentality and theme to weave into your everyday work.

Great enough means you don’t settle just for the sake of getting something out. You also don’t allow yourself to spiral out of control in pursuit of an unattainable goal.

You sit squarely in the middle, striking a balance between the two extremes. You push further than “it’s good enough; let’s ship,” but you also pull back and consider, “are we over-indexing on this? Can we get this out now and start to learn?”



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