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Six thoughts on seven years of working remotely

Keaton Taylor
Feb 14, 2020 · 5 min read

There is one tweet that changed the course of my entire career. It was late 2013, and after a few frustrating months of freelancing, I sent it into the ether — fully expecting no one to read it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This one tweet was the beginning of nearly a decade of working remotely as a designer.

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It’s now seven years later. Seven years is a really long time. It’s a long time to sip coffee alone in a poorly lit extra bedroom. It’s a long time to freak guests out during the day while you talk to yourself, sometimes very loudly. There’s been a lot of growth and pain along the way. Honestly, I wish someone had made me a list of considerations to help me adjust when I started working remotely, so I’m now making one for all of you. It’s not exhaustive but hopefully it’s helpful.

Put some pants on

How to make nice

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My “workstation.” It’s a desk.

I won’t go into a gear list here (hit me up if you’re interested though :D) but my desk rules. It’s an amazing technical setup, a comfortable height for standing and working and there’s plenty of tabletop to sketch and draw when necessary. It doesn’t stop at physical items, though. Using tools like Headspace, Audible or Blinkist to keep your mind fresh and engaged outside of the day-to-day of your role can be incredibly helpful. The bottom line is that if you’re working remotely, either work to give yourself a great working environment or make sure your employer affords you some sort of budget to outfit your space.

Get a door

One is the loneliest number

Networking… because I’m a monster

… But I won’t do that

I’m one of two remote members of the design team and I love talking about remote work, process, and design. What are some of your hot tips and tricks for rocking that remote work life? Let me know in the comments or @keaton_taylor on Twitter.

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