The Envoy roadmap

Aug 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road… well, it would be nice at least if developing a revolutionary new business were as easy as strolling down a prettily paved path. But businesses need to lay their own bricks in front of themselves in order to reach the Emerald City.

Envoy has been laying its bricks and racing down the road to success since October 2017 when plans for the platform were conceived and formally set down. A team quickly coalesced around Envoy in January and strategic partners were brought on board. The ambition of this speedy development only matches the ambition of Envoy’s project all together.

Envoy aims to act as a drastic system of reform for the trade finance industry by introducing blockchain technology into the equation. This radical change eliminates the vast amounts of paper that have been weighing down the industry while making trade finance transparent and reliable. And the ICO is well on its way to realising these ideals.

Envoy’s Whitelist is out this month and two rounds of pre-private sales are scheduled for August and September. These will be followed by two rounds of pre-public sales in October and November ahead of the main token sale in December. Envoy hopes to generate hype ahead of the main token sale by spreading the word about the new kinds of opportunities that blockchain introduces to the trade finance market.

The Envoy platform allows multiple financiers to fund the same contract, opening the door for smaller companies to find the financial backing they need to succeed. This also opens up a whole range of possibilities for investors to strategise in new and unique ways that will increase profit and drive global trade forward.

With the main token sale under its belt, Envoy will deploy an accompanying unique wallet in early 2019. NVOY tokens will also be issued at this time and be listed on exchanges. All that and beta testing will be happening at the same time. The deployment of the platform will finally begin in the second quarter or 2019.

Envoy will continue to undergo radical changes and quick development throughout 2019 as the ENsure ratings system and the ENgage engine are deployed. Having achieved all of its initial goals, Envoy plans to dive into AI, Oracle and IOT testing in 2020 to determine future development.

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The decentralised trade finance marketplace, built to…

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