Alfred Gautier — Artistic Director @ Enzym

Alfred -friends call him Fredo- is our artistic director, he created and developed Enzym’s visual identity with all those pretty colors. He’s been part of the project since the start, often a proactive force, he is more than a simple contributor, he is one of the founding fathers.

Navigating, leading, taking along and pulling legs, Fredo likes to back his public into a corner, revealing his real identity with nonchalance, always keeping it chill. Sylvain and Jeremy are long-time friends so the project feels definitely more humane. Enzym designed itself along the encounters, the discussions and the passing of time.

As an illustrator, he loves to draw, especially naked people. He thus quite naturally got into graphic design which he practiced as a freelance or in-agency for a few years now. When he draws for himself, though, it’s by hand on a piece of paper, between two guitar solos.

Fredo is what we may call a “smartphone noob”, frightened by the zombificating aspects of it, he pushed back the purchase of one as much as possible, until very recently. He remembers bitterly those Saturday afternoons spent alone because friends would much rather stay at home playing video games than go outside build a shack in the forest. Today he works all day on his computer and has nothing against technology if it’s used wisely.

Socialization, exchanges, humanity and respect, those are values Alfred can get behind. He sees a great lack of sensibility in our world, to each other, but also to our environment. Enzym, to him, is a way to redress the balance.

Bonding and recreating a social network means cultivating our humanity, remembering our value, value each other, and we may even extend this courtesy to our host planet.

Wouldn’t it be nice?