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3 min readDec 15, 2020


TLDR: Melon Protocol is rebranding to Enzyme Finance. Enzyme Finance will be powered by MLN token. No token migration will occur for the token but token logo will change.

Five years ago when Melon was founded, the idea of a platform that allowed anyone to create their own fund was considered a somewhat futuristic ambition. In fact the name Melon was derived from the Greek word for future — μέλλων. But as the project has grown, things change and we’ve developed a much clearer sense of who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going. So when BNY Mellon got all hot and bothered over possible brand confusion, we realised this was the perfect opportunity to move the brand forward, I mean the last thing we want is to be mistaken for some old tired finance brand. What we’re doing is much more futuristic, forward thinking and innovative than anything TradFi will ever dream up.

Choosing the name Enzyme
When picking a name, our criteria were simple;

  • A name which is easy to pronounce/remember
  • A name which evokes a feeling of innovation, empowerment & futurism
  • A name which is resilient through ups and downs
  • A name which evokes a playful and fun side which reflects how much we enjoy what we do
Brand values

We engaged with POW Media as a partner through this branding exercise and after endless brainstorming sessions and iterations, we settled on the name Enzyme. Enzymes are catalysts which speed up the rates of chemical reactions. They’re made up of strings of components bonded to each other. They’re associated with speed, transformation, simplicity and fundamentals — everything we want Enzyme to be. The fundamental infrastructure layer for the asset management industry.

The logo

Conceptually the logo represents constant change, growth and the simplicity and accessibility of the platform to provide opportunity. When considering colour we consciously decided not to imitate old finance and their overused blues and greens, but instead created a colour palette which is retro-futuristic in its influences and is fun in its outlook. That’s not to say it’s not serious, but when you are building the future you get to decide what it looks like.

Enzyme will be powered by MLN tokens

Whilst the token logo will change to reflect enzyme, the token ticker will remain MLN. There is no token migration planned and for the avoidance of doubt, the token address will remain 0xec67005c4e498ec7f55e092bd1d35cbc47c91892.

The rebranding will occur in two parts

We will be phasing in the rebranding over the coming 4–6 weeks starting off with social media accounts first. The website is currently being redesigned and will be re-launched together with Enzyme v2. The website for all official communications will become and the official council email address will become


Melon transitioning into Enzyme comes at a time when we’ve been hard at work developing, testing and auditing v2. It marks a new chapter for the protocol with more possibilities, more accelerants, more partners and the largest community we’ve had in our history. Enzyme v2 and beyond will provide you with catalysts to be more creative than ever and empower you to monetize your investment talent. If you want to stay updated with the v2 launch, join our social media channels.