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My Skate of Mind

It took me 12 hours to skateboard 85km from Sydney to Wollongong.


There’s a famous sign in Boston that sits along a traffic clogged stretch of road leading to the bridges and highways out of the city. The sign says: “If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now…

Humans, Shoes and eCommerce

This is the story of building my startup in Pakistan, now going global.

Connect the Dots

Facebook’s master plan isn’t a social destination; it is a connected backbone to everything else we do.

We Always Know Where We Are

Imagine reading a science fiction novel when you were a kid that said this:

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based…

Google Notes

I was an Evernote user for a year before I realized that all of my grand ideas about how I was going to use the product weren’t matching my real-world use. I wanted to curate my…

Stand-Alone Brain

NT (Neural Tribe) perspective is this: we aren’t humans, we are neurons; we are neural colonies of a larger Neural Tribe, i.e. stand-alone neural organizations that inhabit a…

Pay Yourself First

Research, workout, or write down your thoughts each morning. Don’t check email, as that’s paying someone else.

Green Mind

"[W]e see leaves as green because that is the color their pigment reflects, rather than absorbs. The color we associate most with plants is that of the light for which they have least use.” (O. Morton, Eating the Sun)

Leaves aren't green. Our mind is.

Formula for Entrepreneurial Success

Five simple truths


Work with Amazing People

Eoin’s Bookmarks
Eoin’s Bookmarks

A collection of interesting posts.

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