Logo Design: Its Importance, Purpose & Need For Any Organisation

The logo is a symbolic representation of an organization. Keeping it simple, how do you get to know about any product? Just have a look around, you can easily count up to 10 logos without much effort. Logo Design is merely a design used by any organisation, business, and company for its easy recognition. Logos are more of an informative element and influence our decisions, communicate and picture the company’s values.

One shouldn’t confuse themselves between brand, identification and logo. All these three words have their own purpose, role and meaning in the logo design context.

- The brand is an emotional corporate image as a whole.
- The identity is a small part of the overall brand that forms the visual aspect.
- The logo is the simplest form of identification via the use of a mark or icon for any business or organisation.

As stated above, a logo is a symbolic representation and not the brand. So one shouldn’t get confused between their role and the importance they carry.

The Purpose of Logo-

One of the prime roles of a logo is identification. For any company, its logo matters a lot, as this becomes the sole representation and identification symbol. Trends keep on changing with time, the design tools and technique also keeps evolving, but a designed logo hardly changes and this is the reason that the goal of a logo will always remain the ‘identification of a person, product, business or service you’re designing it for.’ By far it would be pretty clear that for a designer and for Logo Design Company in Delhi, before working on any of the ideas or the design, the designer need to understand the environment in which the logo will be seen, he/she must have in-depth knowledge, and must also keep a check on the competitors and how do they look. How can the logo be differentiated from others? How could we stand ahead from our competitors? What colours, symbols, font should be used? Does the company have already followed any colour scheme or pattern? These are some of the questions which the designer need to be clear off before working on the logo.

Logo Design is more than art-

Yes, a lot of people mistake between the art and the tool. Logo Design is more than art and is mostly about the strategic tools. The design is not a piece of beauty, and neither a design that satisfies the client’s itself, rather it’s a design that is designed keeping in mind the competitors and is treated as a strategic business tool that will help the company or business to be identified. Yes, the beauty and goodness factor can’t be completely ignored, but all this mixture should go hand in hand. The priority is identification, and the rest falls in line. Logo Design Services offered by any of the company also focuses more on recognition, and then consider the secondary factors.

How would a logo look like?

Logo Design Company in India follows a very clear-cut and informative pattern for designing a logo. It can be in the form of symbol, emblem, icon, sign or an ideogram. The designer shouldn’t forget that logo is a form of representation and recognizing organizations and other non-commercial entities. So, the type of company also matters in designing a logo. The shape, colour, font, structure, presentation of a logo differs from the type of organization. As mentioned earlier, the purpose or role of a logo is to provide unique recognition and representation of the organization in the global market. A well designed logo reflects the professional look and expresses the vision, values and directions of the business or organisation.

Designing a logo is not as easy as it seems, it should be unique, original and attractive. Logo Design Company in Delhi says that, “an attractive and meaningful logo catches the targeted audience easily and leaves a lasting impact of the company.” In order to survive in the competitive market, with an attractive logo, the company should also focus on its products, services and customer support services.
Important steps to be considered while logo designing-

- Its simplicity: Logo should be simple, unique and more of an informative piece. It should be single and simple visual image, so that the targeted audience could easily relate to your company. With simple it means, the logo shouldn’t be complicated, as this may appear uneven or may be unclear from a distance, or when printed in a small size. For this reason, the logo design services company consider keeping the logo simple in shape, size and fonts.

- The Colour family: The colour, fonts, shapes and sizes, each of these is to be paid equal attention. The best way for a professional presentation of a logo is to have few colours, it would be great to use two-coloured logo, moreover, it is considered an ideal one. Designer should opt for the colour combination in a manner that when a logo is to be printed on black or white background it provides a clear vision. Now the thing is why should the colour background check be attempted? Is it compulsory to do so? Yes, it is, as the logo would be used in various areas, different medium, so for its clear visibility the background check is equally important.

- Skip the tagline, if you can: From the very first point, it is clear that a logo should be simple and unique. With its simplicity, it should also be readable. For instance, if you also use the tagline in your logo, it may make it unclear and would end up making it messy, and in any case, if you reduce the size of logo then the tagline would appear unreadable. So it is better to omit it.

- Consider vector graphics: Logo Design Company in Delhi advises to use vector graphics while designing a logo. The best part behind implementing vector graphic is that logo can be resized without any loss of the details used and also keep the image quality up to the mark. Moreover, vector graphics consumes lesser memory capacity in computer.

The experienced logo designers are always a step ahead in providing the best logo design services. They keep a quick attention towards every aspect and design the best, professional and impressive logo. So with the design it is also essential to contact the best Logo Design Company in India for your logo needs.