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All Things Spectacular — A Business Idea That Never Was (Introduction)

All Things Spectacular Website — Varun Modgill

I like to travel by road. I really do, it allows me to connect to the changes that are taking place physically as one place connects to another and observe the transition in time and space.

Last year, I was on my way to Khajurao from New Delhi, India with 2 of my colleagues (it’s a 600km drive). I noticed that on our way we crossed many industrial towns. One that caught my attention is called Firozabad, a town known for its glass production. Glass production has historically evolved into this city from the ending times of the Mughal dynasty and through the British occupation era of the Indian subcontinent.

As I am an entrepreneur, I found the idea of wholesale purchase and selling (trading essentially) interesting. We decided to take a break and went into the industrial zone to explore the kind of products that they were making.

As the large factories required pre-set appointments, we couldn’t go in and found smaller vendors who welcomed us in. They were making such beautiful products, some their own creation, some to supply larger factories to fill in their short-fall in production.

One manufacturer, in particular, caught my attention. He was a young, 3rd generation glass craftsman, and was keen to show us his creations and gallery of all the products he’s made over the years.

As interesting as it was, it was also disheartening somehow. I could see some of these products selling across the world. This young man, however, had no brand and would never receive recognition. They’re not used and recognized for their design skills, but only for their manufacturing skills due to the low value placed on their creations.

I came across a few more craftsmen like him and recognized a pattern and thought very strongly that I could do something about it. I met a traditional slip-on shoemaker from Punjab who adds a unique style to his hand-made shoes, and a 5th generation stoneware manufacturer who makes simple yet elegant plates, bowls and cups.

all-things-spectacular Instagram post

These people did not have a brand. Most of the small manufacturers don’t. But there’s a story that each one of them carries behind them that I found intriguing and the skills of these craftsmen that have non-economic values as well. They cannot mass produce their creation but can make each creation personal enough to add their character.

This was the inspiration. I wanted to give more to these unseen craftsmen and encourage them to create products of their individuality.

As a consumer, I like my high-street brands, but I felt that I would also appreciate great products, without a logo, but with a story behind the product. As a consumer, I would like these passionate artists to be paid well so that they can really continue to do what they love and use the skills they have developed over their lifetime.

This was the inspiration behind All Things Spectacular. Share the prosperity, and prosperity spreads!

In the next chapter (article), I will explain the business plan, the processes I followed and the system I created. I will also try and explain why it never took off (in my opinion), and why someone should do it on my behalf :)




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Varun Modgill

Varun Modgill

I primarily work in the field of technology and management consulting. I grew up in Japan and now work out of Goa, India :)

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