EOS Rate: Block Producer Rating System

EOS Costa Rica
Nov 26, 2018 · 5 min read
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EOS Rate allows for any EOS account to submit a rating for Block Producers in 5 distinct categories and visually compare their attributes. Our goal is to capture the collective opinion, or “wisdom of the crowd”, and measure if voter sentiment is actually reflected in voting patterns. EOS Rate strives to be a visually appealing tool that helps token holders make an informed vote for the best Block Producers and ultimately strengthen the EOS network as a whole.

This open source dApp uses a radial graph to represent the most important qualitative aspects of a Block Producer. Ratings are generated by the EOS community and then stored on the EOS blockchain. EOS Rate will also provide a BP profile page with some quantitative facts, a compare tool, dynamic filtering and links related to each BP. The objective is to inform potential voters and allow them to easily share their ratings with others.

Ratings differ from votes because they are agnostic to the amount of EOS that account holds. One account = one rating submission. Users will be able to update their rating at anytime.

We are also interested in providing information that is current and reliable. That is why we are planning to factor in the “age” of the rating and degrade the weight of it depending on how long ago it was published. We can diminish the use of spam accounts by only publishing rates of accounts that own a minimum of EOS tokens. The minimum amount is still to be determined but we are initially proposing 5 EOS.

Our roadmap for EOS Rate includes ratings for proxies, and eventually wallets, dApps, and other EOS related resources. If Yelp started with just restaurants, EOS Rate is starting with Block Producers but with the fundamental goal of becoming a transparent on-chain rating system for the EOS ecosystem.

Rating Categories

EOS Rate provides five categories that we believe are the most relevant for voting. The rating will be on a scale from 0 to 10 in each of the following five categories:


Is the BP compliant with disclosure of ownership and complete bp.json, does it disclose use of rewards, and financial disclosure?

0 = No disclosure.
10 = Full disclosure.


Does the BP have stable and reliable infrastructure?

0 = Unstable infrastructure or no information available.
10 = Demonstrated infrastructure reliability.

Community Engagement:

Does the BP provide value to the community through education, promoting talks, chats, hackathons, conferences, seminars, developer spaces and useful content?

0 = No community engagement.
10 = Demonstrated excellence in community engagement.


The BP provide dedicated resources to community testnets, leadership in testing and administration of test environments? Does the BP provide tools for dApp testing or otherwise?

0 = No Testnet involvement.
10 = Demonstrated Testnet Engagement.


Does the BP provide tools like open source software, scripts, framework, software as a service, wallets, voting portals, metrics, etc?

0 = No tools or services
10 = Added value through tools

So let’s say, for example, you want to rate a BP that you have taken the time to know, and consider it to have values of the following magnitude:

Transparency = 7
Infrastructure = 6
Testnets = 6
Community = 2
Tooling =4

And it would look like this!

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In order to make this tool helpful and worthwhile for the whole EOS community, we want to hear your opinions. First and foremost, we require feedback on the categories that the user will be rating as these will prove difficult to alter in the future.

Constant Improvement

We are working on creating a very friendly UI in order to make the rating system efficient, accessible and informative. But we know this can only happen if we listen to the community, so we would love to hear from you.

Do you think the categories chosen are the right ones?

What else do you think should be rated?

Leave your comments below, join our telegram or discord channels and let us know your opinion.

You can also join our discussions on rating decay or spam prevention.

If you want to learn more about EOS Rate, check it out on our GitHub project page. Don’t forget to star it!

EOS Rate Roadmap

We have big plans for EOS Rate, take a look at our roadmap and keep posted for our new releases.

Version 1.0

List and Search Block Producers.

Scatter and Lynx Integration.

Autogenerated Block Producer profile pages with:

  • BPJSON info.
  • Ratings results.
  • Rating UI for token holders to rate that block producer.

Compare Block Producers page.

Ability to superpose different BPs ratings flake charts.

Home page with explanation and instructions.

Languages: English & Spanish.

Version 1.2

Light Theme.

Activity Stream.

Ability to leave a comment when rating. ( reviews, like Yelp ).

Ability to vote for a block producer directly on their profile page.

Languages: Chinese and Korean.

Filtering Block Producer List.

  • by Strengths: transparency, community, infra…
  • by Region.

Version 1.3

Proxies landing page with:

  • Proxy list from the eosio.system voters tables.
  • Proxy Info from the eos-proxyinfo contract.
  • Ability to vote for the proxy.
  • List and search proxies.

About EOS Costa Rica

EOS Costa Rica is currently the only Central American EOS block producer candidate. We challenge ourselves to provide the EOS platform with strong geographical and political diversity by running the most robust EOS Block Producer possible from Costa Rica. We pledge to leverage our talent, experience, and sustainable internet resources to meet such an important challenge.

EOS Costa Rica supports the EOSIO community by maintaining and contributing to open source initiatives, testnets, meetups and workshops.

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Website https://eoscostarica.io
Twitter https://twitter.com/eoscostarica
YouTube https://eoscostarica.io/youtube
Meetup https://www.meetup.com/EOS-Costa-Rica/
Telegram https://t.me/eoscr
Discord https://eoscostarica.io/discord

EOS Costa Rica

Central American Block Producer Candidate

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