Above & Beyond: Some Things Should Be Left “Unscalable”

A Thank You to an Invaluable Member of EOS New York and of the EOS Community

EOS New York
Jun 3 · 6 min read

Sometimes “Unscalable” Is Good.

EOS New York is a self-funded and independent group. We are diligent with how we allocate our time and resources and we make these allocations not just based on how impactful something can be, but just as importantly, how scalable it can be. Very often, companies follow this same ethos when they build out their customer relations or help desk services and outsource or automate as much of it as they can. At EOS New York, this is something we purposely chose to keep “unscalable”.

We would like to recognize an unsung hero of the EOS New York team, Evan Shepard, who for nearly a year, has spent hours upon hours communicating with new EOS users who are just getting the hang of things. He has helped EOS community members with managing keys, to voting, to REX , and everything in between.

While we work to scale out the EOS blockchain, we will always keep our customer-service attitude as “unscalable” as we can. We are proud that Evan is part of our team.

The following quotes are real pieces of feedback from real people (typos and all). We’ve removed any identifying information.

Guys, @Evan_Shepard literally just walked me though almost 2 hours of help creating a scatter account and linking my ledger. In no other tg room would I have received help so quickly and thoroughly…im truly thankful and impressed with the timeliness and professionalism here

I want to thank @Evan_Shepard and the OESNY team for the help they gave me to open the account and have the wallet. On Friday after asking for help, Evan spent several hours Friday night until I could have my wallet. This is not the first time he does it, someone from OpenLenger4members told me about his good experience and that is why I recommended him to do it on this channel.

Ok awesome Evan thanks a lot for your help.

I read through the guide and so how I go… if I get stuck I’ll DM you … cause have had these for a while but it took a couple of months for the Exchange to get these converted 🤙

Thanks, also HUGE THANK U TO 👉 @Evan_Shepard for all his help getting my account set up properly. No way I could of done that on my own, without making a mistake! Cheers bud!

@Evan_Shepard Thank you for the help!

Thanks @Evan_Shepard excited to join. EOSny is one of my favorite BPs

Shout out to @Evan_Shepard for helping/guiding me through the entire process of getting my EOS off a NANO Ledger and into an EOS Wallet. I am really impressed by the patience this guy had with me. Thanks Evan for kindly spending all this time with me :D

Thanks again to @Evan_Shepard and everyone who has helped, big thanks

Thanks @Evan_Shepard!! Love the work you guys do! Keep up the great work! 😁👌

I would like to say huge thanks to @Evan_Shepard !!! he was really helpful and thoughfull. Without his help I would not probably be able to finish my fallback method. It was really nice and I am really grateful!!

@Evan_Shepard huge thanks for helping with the EOS move off the exchange and continued help, much appreciated

I just want to say that @Evan_Shepard has been helping me resolve my EOS issues since 4pm Eastern Time. He has been incredibly helpful and patient in guiding me through some issues and setting up an account. I offered to tip him but he wont allow it. This guy is unreal and we need more people like him in this community. Thank you so much man!!!

@Evan_Shepard was really helpful and patient. he guided me step by step to set up my greymass account and i really appreciate his help

@Evan_Shepard thanks for the awesome help mate and have a great day 👍👍😃😃

Huge thanks to @Evan_Shepard for helping me with my EOS crisis today! You have been an incredible help — much appreciated! 🙏

@Evan_Shepard This is the man right here! good thing i ran into him because he cleared up all my questions with the EOS wallet setup! AMAAZING HELP

@Evan_Shepard This man has helped me to link my ledger nano s to the scatter wallet. Top man

@Evan_Shepard really appreciate the help with alleviating my permission anxiety. ✊🏽thanks for taking the time.

Thank you @Evan_Shepard for your help and guidance on importing account on Ledger, You Rock buddy!

Finally my account is set I have to say a special thanks To Mr even that he guide me step by step to settle my account and now my tokens ready in the wallet and everything is perfect thank you man I hope to see eos token in the future in the best place and moon price soon

Very grateful to Evan and his team to help this community!

shout out to @Evan_Shepard for the last couple hours guiding my dumb ass through the prosess of setting up my account with Scatter and bloks.io!!!

I love EOS and Evan just solidified my love for this unit even more…… Best Community in Crypo!!! cheers brother

Thank 100 @Evan_Shepard for your help today morning

Excellent customer service and community management. We spent the better part of my opening going through the process of opening an account, sending transactions, staking, downloads, upgrades, woah! I leant a lot And after the process i see why EOS is King 👑

Thanks a lot to @Evan_Shepard for the detailed and clear understandable step by step help about EOS, how to claim, creating new account, voting, using wallets bloks.io and scatter, again there too a step by step explanation, it is a bit complex the whole EOS thing, but you helped very good, top support I appreciated a lot!

Exactly like that it should be in any support team. 👍

@Evan_Shepard thank you so much for the help and guide me to the all process, to finally get my EOS!!appreciated

@Evan_Shepard got me hooked up and got my Chintai working! Many thanks! My Ledger App was 1.0 instead of 1.2. Needed to update Ledger permissions and reconfigure Scatter as well.

Shout out to @Evan_Shepard for the awesome help. Don’t think I would have changed my owner and active keys but he helped me every step of the way.. and I’m finally able to use the eos blockchain

#evanshepard thanks so much for your help and patience with EOS. Greatly appreciate it. Evan is such a great asset to the Community!

Hey guys evan got me all fixed up using ledgar with me eos account. He was very very helpful. Thank you! @Evan_Shepard

evanshepard1 @evan_shepard helped me tonight ,i cant be more grateful for his help and patience .im new to this and he was able to get me through a difficult situation ,he even talked me down out of the tree a couple of time

Evan Shepard@evan_shepard this guy sure helped me out of a tough spot. so patient and never missed my call. spent 2 hours with me . i can sleep good now ..josh from eoscanada recomended evan and that was a good call. Thank to eos New York also .another vote for you guys and recommendments also.

Well dang. I had a problem and put a call out on a FB group. Some good peeps tried to help and then recommended I join this group and ask for Evan. I have to say a huge thank you to Evan for his patience and skill in helping me through my problem. @Evan_Shepard you are a legend and a true testament of where this crazy crypto world should go. Thank you again. Each one teach one. )’( If I’m ever in NY or you go to Burning Man, I’m going to shout you a cracking hangover.

@Evan_Shepard helped my do some things with my ledger/eos account. He was very helpful. Thanks!

Thank you Evan!

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain

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EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

EOS New York

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Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away. www.eosnewyork.io

EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

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