ECAF Order #ECAF00000264

We have previously stated that we will be unable to verify any arbitration rulings unless received on-chain. On 13 July 2018 at 22:12 UTC we received a ruling on-chain in accordance with the ECAF proposed communication method. We understand the sensitive nature of these proceedings and for that reason we are publishing this information in detail. In the future, we will not be providing announcements for every ECAF arbitration action. Please look to ECAF for communications regarding notifications of rulings or announcements. Per the interim EOS Constitution and ECAF Rules of Dispute Resolution (Section 6.3 Binding and Final) all arbitration rulings administered by ECAF are binding and final.

Below is the information we received and an outline of the actions taken.

ECAFOfficial EOS Account

Transaction Reference

Arbitrator Ruling Referenced in Transaction

Action Requested by Arbitrator

The order is as follows, all EOS Block Producers refuse to process transactions for the following accounts and keys. Until further official notice and instruction from the Arbitrator of this case.
EOS Account Names:

In accordance with ECAF Rules of Dispute Resolution, Section 6, EOS New York verified the following attributes had been provided to Block Producers:

  1. The identification of the Parties
  2. The facts as established by the Arbitrator
  3. The logic of the rules and law
  4. The directions and actions to be taken by each party (the ruling)
  5. The date that the ruling is rendered
  6. The name of the Arbitrator
  7. The distribution of costs for the case

We confirmed the validity of the ECAF order:

  • Verified that the on-chain action originated from known EOS account ID: ECAFOfficial
  • We hashed the document provided which matched the hash ECAF provided in the transaction: ca104c57af040b5b46ab6fb2bcb8455ed8f81402e5e586d8a50a47cfc2683a20
  • Command used: rhash — sha3–256 ECAF-Temporary-Freeze-Order-2018–07–13-AO-003.pdf

Actions Taken

  • Accounts outlined in the order above have been added to the blacklist.

Per our code of conduct we will not comment on the merits of ongoing arbitration cases. Please contact ECAF for further information regarding the details of Order #ECAF00000264

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain