EOS New York, Galaxy EOS VC Fund, & Wakem Capital: EOS dApps, Devs, and Drinks

Activating the EOS community in the greater New York City area through events, networking, and development

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We are very excited to announce an events partnership between EOS New York, Galaxy Digital EOS VC, and Wakem Capital Management which will consist of a series of meetup events aimed at both technical and non-technical members of the EOS ecosystem.

New York City is an important epicenter of economic and technological activity for EOS, blockchain, and beyond. Our collective aim is to activate, nurture, and grow the EOS community within the New York area through networking, development, and investment.

Our first meetup event will be held at the AWS Popup Loft in Manhattan on February 28th. We have the pleasure of welcoming the following speakers who are extremely knowledgeable and influential within the space.

Our Guests

Sam Englebardt: Co-Founder and Head of Principal Investments at Galaxy Digital and Managing Partner of Galaxy EOS VC Fund.

Rob Behnke: Winner of the EOS Hackathon in San Francisco and Co-Founder of NouGit, a decentralized git repository platform built on EOS.

Sam Trautwein: CEO & Founder of Carbon-12 Labs, the company behind CarbonUSD, a USD backed stable-coin built on EOS.

For more information on the meetup please join the EOS New York meetup group here.

About the event sponsors:

EOS New York is a self-funded, self-owned, independent leading top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. They were the first EOS Block Producer to announce their candidacy in January 2017 and have been a driving force ever since. Committed to reinvesting back into the EOS Mainnet, EOS New York offers world-class data center infrastructure and is currently developing the first hardware wallet designed for use with EOS dApps, the EOS Metro.

The Galaxy EOS VC Fund is a partnership between Galaxy Digital, a leading blockchain focused merchant bank, and Block.one, the software development company that launched the EOSIO protocol. The largest of several such funds under Block.one’s EOS VC banner, the Galaxy EOS Fund invests primarily in companies located in North America that are building on the EOSIO protocol, with the mission to build out the EOSIO ecosystem and drive mass adoption of blockchain technology globally.

Wakem Capital Management is a global macro hedge fund that invests in liquid digital assets. They have been an active participant in the EOS community since before launch. They are focused on promoting greater understanding of crypto-economic systems, enterprise adoption and building the EOS community within New York City.

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet

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