EOS New York Roadmap: EOS Hardware Wallet, Community Meetup Plan, & More

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The mission of EOS New York is to position the EOS blockchain as the most attractive decentralized application development platform to developers in the world. We will achieve this by increasing the value of the EOS blockchain in a transparent way through advancements in the technology, community empowerment, and increasing adoption through education.

There are projects that we are working on that are not listed here and will be revealed over time. This is not to mention the ongoing community support, tutorials, and tools that we will develop as needs arise. Our open source tools like EOSDocs, EOS Resource Planner, and EOS Stats will all improve over time with new features and enhancements.

Near Term: 6 months or Less

Global Meetup Outreach

Being able to organize and share ideas is fundamental to any grassroots movement. In New York, we’ve hosted a meetup at least every other month and will continue to do so. But at EOS New York we believe in simple, scalable solutions. So, how do our meetups scale?

We are proud to offer a scalable meetup program to the community. Starting in August, we will reimburse the costs of the first meetup in a given area up to $250 USD equivalent and help provide materials and content. Are you interested in starting a meetup in your area in August or beyond? E-Mail us at events@eosnewyork.io.

Expand International Staff

We may be called EOS New York but we are an international Block Producer. We are currently interviewing community managers and developers from around the world. If you are interested in working with us please e-mail jobs@eosnewyork.io.

Over the next sixty days we will expand our team to include:


  • International Community Manager (Asia)
  • International Community Manager (North America)
  • Senior Community Manager (North America)


  • Front-end web developer (JavaScript / User experience expert)
  • Backend application developer (Blockchain and multi-tier development)

Hybrid Technology Solution: Investing in Bare Metal

Per our original roadmap which was written in March, we have maintained our intent to utilize a hybrid solution that incorporates bare metal as our producing infrastructure with cloud solutions serving fail-over and security functions. We are scouting locations for our data centers across Africa and South America. Our goal is to be live before the end of Q4 2018.

Central Park Test Net

Within the next few weeks we will launch our full production environment for EOS developers to develop, experiment, and test their best ideas. Access to this network will be entirely free but will be semi-public. We will release details on how to access the Test Net Playground once the environment is live.

dApp Support Program

We believe that EOS is only as valuable as what we build on top of it. Our backgrounds in technology development, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing uniquely position us to act as the perfect sounding board for killer dApp ideas. We can provide feedback, networking connections, and resource staking for development on the EOS platform. Interested? E-mail us at dapps@eosnewyork.io.

Long(er) Term: 6 Months +

EOS Marketing Materials

Our team has experience in running successful integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and EOS is our newest client. Our goal is to create templated marketing assets that can be easily translated into any language and shared across the community and Block Producers alike. The goal of these assets are to introduce non-token holders to the basic concepts of EOS and increase adoption.

Economic Research: Liya Palagashvili’s Research on Transactions Costs

There are many economic areas that we plan to research and provide to the community for free. Some of these areas won’t be apparent to us until economic actors begin to take action on the EOS mainnet. So while we gather data, our economic advisor Liya Palagashvili is researching Ricardian smart contracts and their ability to reduce transaction costs — a relevant topic area for the EOS community and its economy.

Liya writes, “We are interested in exploring how Ricardian [smart] contracts can reduce transaction costs and how this can alter the workplace and transform traditional employee-employer relationships. Ricardian [smart] contracts have the potential to disrupt traditional employer-employee relationships and lead to more freelancing, contracting-out, and direct consumer-to-supplier relationships.”

Areas of transaction costs Liya is actively researching include:

  • Search costs and information costs (finding and matching with interested counterparties)
  • Bargaining costs (coming to an agreement; setting up the contract)
  • Trust costs (assurance of honesty and performance)
  • Enforcement costs (often a legal system that can enforce a contract)
  • Transfer costs (transferring payments and goods)
  • Output measurement costs (measure performance and output of worker)

Liya’s research will be open sourced and free to the EOS community to utilize to help inform dApp ideas, DAC arrangements, and other use cases the EOS community will be pioneering!

White-Hat Security Audit (Recurring)

We are engaging with a white-hat security firm to place our own infrastructure, applications and smart contracts under continuous security review. Security is an ever changing landscape and our intention it to bring together best in class security experts who will help to apply leading methodologies, allowing us to protect ourselves as well as the community in a proactive manner.

The EOS Exclusive Hardware Wallet: Code Name “EOS Bridge”

EOS does not currently have reliable hardware wallet integration but it soon will. While, EOS New York has spent the last few weeks exploring Ledger integration, after taking stock of the current landscape, we have decided against pursuing it. We made this decision because there is likely someone who has already beaten us to it, but also because Dan Larimer has publicly stated that BlockOne is working on secure enclave integration into specific Apple Devices.

EOS New York believes in simple and scalable solutions which is why we are shifting our focus to build our own hardware wallet, code named EOS Bridge.

We are pursuing this for two reasons:

  • The Ledger and Mac products that will support EOS in the near future prices out much of the world. We want to make something affordable for as many as possible. The EOS Bridge will be sold at a fraction of the cost relative to these other options.
  • Blockchain discovery typically follows this path: first, one learns about blockchain and Bitcoin. Then they move on to Ethereum and discover the possibilities past the currency use-case. After this stage people move on to “altcoins”. We hope to one day short-circuit this by providing EOS-first blockchain tools. The EOS Bridge is intended be one of those tools.

We are aiming to have a prototype ready for testing by Jan 1st, 2019.

Developer Libraries (Ongoing)

We have started development on Python and C# / .NET developer libraries to increase the ease of developing on EOS. Ongoing contributions to the libraries can be found at our github.

Financial Transparency Plan

In our code of conduct we state:

We will provide transparency into our operating team, shareholders, and financials while exceeding that required by company law and the EOS.IO Constitution. The EOS New York team will be transparent to the community and will always seek to exceed ongoing community transparency requirements as they evolve.

In Q1 2019 we will invite the EOS token-holder community to attend a public review of our token flows and what we’ve accomplished thus far. Questions will be fielded live on the call in real-time. This call will have limited capacity but will be open to everyone in the community on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Let’s get to work!

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain