EOS User Agreement v2.0

An Open Source Proposal for EOS Governance

Thank you to the community members who helped review and contribute feedback to this document.


This document was written by EOS New York for the benefit of the community and is a result of our participation in the community-driven development of EOS governance over the past year.

The word “constitution” can be perceived differently across cultures and languages, so we have shifted the title of this document to the EOS User Agreement.

The EOS User Agreement is an open-source template and EOS New York will not directly submit it for a referendum. It is up to the community to decide if they believe this Agreement is a good foundation upon which we can make collective decisions and direct the growth of the EOS Mainnet. In short, you should feel empowered to take this document and change it, amend it, propose it, or otherwise mold it to fit what you believe is best.

The design principles for this document:

  • Items are enforceable.
  • Establishes a framework of “governing documents” so that amendment of the EOS governance can be agile.
  • Defines roles and responsibilities of various user types.
  • Establishes the foundation of a dispute resolution framework and empowers individuals to self-govern disputes.
  • Establishes the uses of BP powers.


  • EOS User Agreement: This document (EUA)
  • Chain ID: chain_id — aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906
  • User: A User is any person or organization of persons who maintain(s) direct or indirect ownership of an EOS account, or property connected to an EOS account.
  • Ownership: Ownership is defined as direct or indirect access to an EOS account through one or more valid permissions checks. Ownership may be shared between users and vary in weight.
  • User Referendum: User Referendum is the process by which token-holder opinion is solicited on-chain. All user-referendum indicating a desired action or inaction can only be enacted, removed, or otherwise put into effect in any way, by at least 15 out of 21 duly elected Block Producers
  • Block Producer: Block Producers are users who have called regproduce and receive rewards from eosio.vpay.
  • Network Funds: Network Funds are accounts that hold property which is subject to distributed ownership amongst the Users and has no single User owner. Network fund accounts are as follows: eosio.names, eosio.ramfee, eosio.saving.
  • Governing Documents: regproducer, regarb, regforum, are considered governing documents.
  • On-Chain: On-chain means any transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian contract which is located within a block that has been deemed irreversible and appended to the EOS blockchain chain_id.
  • EOS Property: Any object on-chain chain_id that requires a private key in order to directly manipulate, alter, transfer, influence, or otherwise effect.
  • EOS Account: An EOS account is a human-readable name that is stored on the blockchain. It can be owned through authorization by an individual or group of individuals depending on permissions configuration. An account is required to transfer or push any valid transaction to the blockchain.
  • Call: To submit an action to the EOS Blockchain chain_id
  • Authorizations & Permissions: Permissions are arbitrary names used to define the requirements for a transaction sent on behalf of that permission. Permissions can be assigned for authority over specific contract actions by “linking authorization” or linkauth.
  • Ricardian Contract: A Ricardian contract places the defining elements of a legal agreement in a format that can be expressed and executed in software.

Article I — Distributed Jurisdiction

All records and actions on The EOS blockchain chain_id are recorded forever. Due to the distributed nature of blockchain, the EOS blockchain chain_id is not subject to any particular jurisdiction. The EOS blockchainchain_id is to be governed by and construed under the rules contained herein, the EUA. However, Users are expected to adhere to the laws of their local jurisdiction.

Article II — User types

  • Users who call regproduce agree to, and are bound by, the regproducer Ricardian Contract.
  • Users who callregarb agree to, and are bound by, the regarb Ricardian Contract.
  • Users who callregforum agree to, and are bound by, the regforum Ricardian Contract.

Article III— Consent of the EUA

All Users consent to these terms, definitions, and standards. chain_id string is included in the signature of every valid transaction signifying consent.

Article IV — Governing Documents

The EUA & governing documents are to be modified only by User Referendum.

Article V — User Referendum

User Referendums must be submitted on-chain either in full text or as a hash of the referendum text. A User Referendum is considered approved for execution once at least 15% of issued tokens have registered a vote for the associated referendum, ‘affirmative’ tokens exceed the number of ‘negative’ staked tokens by a difference of no less than 10% of total percentage of registered votes (i.e. 55% yes, 45% no) EOS. This threshold must be met and remain above the minimum requirements for a period of at least 30 consecutive days within a 120-day period. Should a User Referendum not be approved for execution within the 120-day period, it is considered expired and must be resubmitted if another vote is desired. The 120-day period starts when the transaction which includes the referendum question is appended to the blockchain. EOS tokens issued during the 120-period are counted toward the total issued amount calculation.

Article VI — Native Unit of Value

The native unit of value on EOS chain_id shall be the EOS token as defined and created by the eosio.token smart contract.

Article VII — Maintaining the EOS blockchain

Block Producers will maintain the active blockchain codebase. Further, they shall participate in the testing, review, and implementation to all modifications of existing features, all optimizations, and all upgrades: present and future. Any attempt to alter the EUA or any governing document, as well as any action that may alter the current state of any tokens considered network funds, is prohibited without prior authorization obtained through a User Referendum conducted in accordance with Article VI. All other stipulations, requirements, demands, and standards for all Block Producers shall be delineated in the regproducer agreement.

Article VIII— Network Funds

Altering the state of any tokens contained within network fund accounts requires User Referendum. Altering any pre-existing code that directly or indirectly governs the allocation, fulfillment, or distribution of any network funds requires User Referendum.

Article IX — Dispute Resolution

Any on-chain provision included in any on-chain transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian Contract, involving any type of EOS based property that results in controversy between parties to such a provision, or the refusal by any party to such a provision to perform the whole or any part thereof, or any controversy arising out of any other type of on-chain agreement between parties, shall be settled by arbitration. If such a provision names or appoints an arbitrator or arbitrators registered through regforum Ricardian Contract or regarb Ricardian Contract, such method shall be followed. The application of either party to the controversy to the duly named regforum or regarb in such an on-chain provision is valid and enforceable, and regforum or regarb will act to resolve the controversy with full binding force and effect. Where agreed upon, users will submit to arbitration an existing controversy arising out of an on-chain transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian contract and will be administered by an arbitrator or arbitrators registered through regforum Ricardian Contract or regarb Ricardian Contract. The enforcement of any valid arbitral award relies solely on the parties to the dispute to execute.

Article X — Freedom of Account Creation

Any current or future User is free to create an EOS Account. Block Producers may never affect an EOS User Account(s) unless the account owner has explicitly requested it, prescribed the exact actions to be taken, and have proven their ownership of the account. Block Producers may charge a fee for this actions taken, which is to be deposited into eosio.vpay account and distributed as eosio.vpay tokens are.

Article XI — No Fiduciary

No User shall have a fiduciary purpose to support the value of the EOS token. No User can authorize anyone to hold assets, borrow, speak, contract on behalf of other EOS Users or the blockchain chain_ID collectively. This blockchain shall have no owners, managers, or fiduciaries.

Article XII — Personal Security

All items pertaining to personal account security, including but not limited to the safekeeping of private keys, is solely the responsibility of the User to secure. No Block Producer is liable for any EOS Account protection.

Article XIII — Inflation.

Inflation is set at 1% per annum which is to be allocated to Block Producers for services provided to the EOS Blockchain chain_id.

Article XIII — Freedom of Association and Contract

The EUA grants freedom of contract based on agreement and free choice.

Regproducer Agreement

The current regproducer agreement is a good first attempt but it can be vastly simplified. The reality is that only items required of this agreement are consistent block production and the ability for BPs to self-enforce and remove bad actors.

The intent of the regproducer action is to register an account as a BP candidate.

I, producer, agree that I may be removed by 15/21 Block Producers for any reason deemed appropriate at any time.

I, producer, acknowledge and agree that my producer account is exempt from Article X of the EUA and submit that 15/21 Block Producers may effect my account if deemed necessary.

Regarb Agreement

The regarb agreement serves to create a database of professionals who offer their services for on-chain dispute resolution. Inspiration for this language comes directly from American Bar Association Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes.

I, arbitrator, hereby nominate myself for consideration as a valid arbitrator for dispute resolution services deriving from on-chain disputes.

If arbitrator is unable to perform obligations under this contract I will resign my position replacing my account permissions with a null key.

I, arbitrator hereby agree to only use arbitrator_key to sign messages if accompanied by the cryptographic hash of the set of rules for dispute resolution used to resolve the dispute and to communicate on-chain directly with regforum for which I am associated.

I, arbitrator agree to maintain the following information on chain_id which can be accessed by any EOS member; 
(1) Location 
(2) Fee Schedule (If independent) 
(3) Area(s) of Expertise 
(4) Language(s) 
(5) EOS Account Name

I, arbitrator agree that I can serve impartially; 
(1) that I can serve independently from the parties, potential witnesses, and the other arbitrators; 
(2) that I am competent to serve; and 
(3) that I can be available to commence the arbitration in accordance with the requirements of the proceeding and thereafter to devote the time and attention to its completion that the parties are reasonably entitled to expect.

I arbitrator will avoid entering into any business, professional, or personal relationship, or acquire any financial or personal interest, which is likely to affect impartiality or which might reasonably create the appearance of partiality.

For a reasonable period of time after the decision of a case, I arbitrator will avoid entering into any such relationship, or acquire any such interest, in circumstances which might reasonably create the appearance that I have been influenced in the arbitration by the anticipation or expectation of the relationship or interest.

I, arbitrator will conduct myself in a way that is fair to all parties and will not be swayed by outside pressure, public clamor, and fear of criticism or self-interest. I will avoid conduct and statements that give the appearance of partiality toward or against any party.

arbitrator authority is derived from any on-chain provision included in any on-chain transaction, smart contract, or Ricardian Contract explicitly appointing arbitrator in the case of any controversy resulting from such an on-chain provision.

I, arbitrator, will neither exceed that authority nor do less than is required to exercise that authority completely. Where the agreement of the parties sets forth procedures of a specific on-chain forum to be followed in conducting the arbitration or refers to rules to be followed, it is the obligation of arbitrator to comply with such procedures or rules.

arbitrator has no ethical obligation to comply with any agreement, procedures or rules that are unlawful in any relevant jurisdiction.

I, arbitrator will conduct the arbitration process so as to advance the fair and efficient resolution of the matters submitted for decision. I will make all reasonable efforts to prevent delaying tactics, harassment of parties or other participants, or other abuse or disruption of the arbitration process.

The ethical obligations of arbitrator begin upon application of parties to a dispute to resolve said dispute and continue throughout all stages of the proceeding. In addition, as set forth in this contract, certain ethical obligations begin as soon as a person is requested to serve as an arbitrator and certain ethical obligations continue after the decision in the proceeding has been given to the parties.

Once I, arbitrator have accepted an agreement to arbitrate a dispute, I will not withdraw or abandon the position unless compelled to do so by unanticipated circumstances that would render it impossible or impracticable to continue. For where I am to be compensated for my services, I may withdraw if the parties fail or refuse to provide for payment of the compensation as agreed.

If I, arbitrator, withdraw prior to the completion of the arbitration, whether upon my initiative or upon the request of one or more of the parties, I will take reasonable steps to protect the interests of the parties in the arbitration, including return of evidentiary materials and protection of confidentiality.

Where I, arbitrator, are contracted directly by parties to a dispute I will communicate any award resulting from such a dispute on-chain to the debtor and creditor to such an award.

Regforum Agreement

The Regforum agreement serves to create a database of arbitration forums willing and able to do business on EOS chain_id.

forum will provide effective, efficient, and economical methods of dispute resolution.

forum will administer arbitration cases but not determine the merits of a case.

forum will neither write arbitrator awards nor review the merits of their reasoning.

forum will provide a method of judicial oversight for arbitrator impartiality.

forum will maintain a website which will include therein a fee schedule, online case access, and an up to date set(s) of rules for dispute resolution under which forum will administer.

forum agrees to maintain the following information on chain_id which can be accessed by any User;

  • URL of Main Website
  • URL of Rules of Dispute Resolution
  • URL of Fee Schedule
  • EOS Account ID
  • A complete list of member arbitrators

forum will be responsible for the communication to clients regarding arbitrator awards.

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet