Managing your EOS Owner & Active Permissions

EOS Account Security 101

EOS New York
Apr 1 · 5 min read

Ledger Guide:

This guide is for managing permissions without a hardware device. If you are using a Ledger Nano S, please see our Ultimate Ledger guide to manage your EOS permissions with the Ledger Nano S.

Custom Permissions:

For advanced users that wish to create custom permissions that are only authorized to interact with specific smart contracts/actions to further increase your security, please see our custom permission guide here.

Permissions are Powerful

The permissions feature of EOS is one of the most powerful and robust tools available to an EOS token-holder. A well-structured and secure permission system can be the difference between a slight inconvenience and losing access to your EOS account completely. In this guide, we will show you how to take the first step in taking control of your own security by ensuring that your Owner key and Active key are different from one another.

STEP ONE: Generating EOS keys safely offline with


To create new EOS public and private key pairs visit created by EOS Cafe.

  • Locate the “generate & validate keys” tab on the left side of the application
  • Click “generate” for a new key pair.


Copy and paste your new public key in the pair to a temporary file for easy pasting later and label it Owner or Active public key.


Hand-write the new private key. Label it either Owner or Active. Hand-write it again and double check it is correct


  • Type your private key into the validation field in eoskey.
  • Paste the public key into the public key field.
  • Click “validate” button.

STEP TWO: Using — Change Permissions


Visit and log in with Scatter. We are assuming you have already set up Scatter and have imported either your Owner or Active permission. This is required to make the changes.

  • To change only the Owner permission or both Owner and Active at the same time log in with {youraccount@owner} identity.


Select the wallet tab and locate the “change permissions” tab on the left side of the page.



STEP THREE: Confirm The Change


On view your account by selecting your account name in the upper right and click “view account.”


Click the “permissions” tab to view the new public keys are set on your account permissions successfully.

You’re done!

It is recommended to go back to your previously setup tools such as Scatter and delete any old identities and Owner keys that may have been previously imported and are no longer being used. Simply re-import your new Active private key to set up a new Scatter identity and use {youraccount@active} to log in from now on.

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EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

EOS New York

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Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

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