Supporting the Windows EOS Developer: EOSEasyContract, Tutorial, & Dev Libraries

EOS New York’s mission is to help position the EOS Mainnet as the most valuable decentralized application development platform on earth. Making EOS accessible to as many developers as possible brings us closer to that goal.

Being an EOS developer on Windows isn’t that easy. Even for those familiar with Linux, combining these technologies can take hours.

Today, much of the enterprise software development world uses Visual Studio and Visual Studio code to develop software. EOS New York wanted to make EOS Contract development possible using these familiar tools, but at the same time bring all the advanced tooling that EOS has to offer along with it.

Developing a smart contract requires CDT, which can be done by creating a docker image or compiling under WSL, and is a complicated process on Windows. Even then, one must manually set paths for includes/libs make it difficult to setup intellisense.

We’ve created EOS Easy Contract (EEC) to make the life of the EOS Windows Smart Contract developer a little easier. EEC allows EOS developers to get started writing a smart contract using Visual Studio Code, in minutes without having to compile any software. Nor does it require knowledge of the complex EOS ecosystem used to build your contract. Our easy to use tutorial found here will show you how to use EOS Easy Contract to create your first smart contract on EOS.

Additionally, we’re providing EOS.NET and EOSpy, .NET/C# and Python libraries respectively, to develop applications that interact with chains in each respective language.

EOS Easy Contract, the libraries, and the tutorial are all open source so feel free to contribute where you would like to!

Thank you to the following community members who made contributions to each project.
EOS.NET — Yatendra
EOSpy — Joshpurvis, Silvercondor, Rossem

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