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EOS New York
Mar 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Download Bettergram (desktop only), it’s better than Telegram. We use it and we love it.

Interested in getting involved in the EOS community? It’s all happening on Telegram and there’s much more than just the main channel. Below is a list of every telegram channel we know of. As STEEM does not allow edits past 7 days please check here for a continuously updated list.

EOS General Chat (English): https://t.me/EOSproject

Block Producer Channels:

AcroEOS: https://t.me/AcroEOS
AntPool EOS International: https://t.me/AntPoolEOSUS
Attic Labs: https://t.me/atticlabeosb
Bitfinex: https://t.me/bfxtelegram
Cryptolions: https://t.me/CryptoLions_io
Cypherglass: https://t.me/cypherglass
DutchEOS: https://t.me/DutchEOS
EOS Asia: https://t.me/EOSAsia
EOS Authority: https://t.me/eosauthority
Blockchained: https://t.me/@blckchnd_EOS
EOS Canada: https://t.me/EOSCanada
EOS Cannon: https://t.me/eos_cannon
EOS DAC: https://t.me/eosdacio
EOS Dallas: https://t.me/eosdfw
EOS Detroit: https://t.me/eos_detroit
EOS Dublin: https://t.me/eosdublin
EOS FlytoMars: https://t.me/flytomarseos
EOS Gravity: https://t.me/EOSGravityENG
EOS Hong Kong: https://t.me/EOSHongKong
EOS Lao Mao: https://t.me/eoslaomaochannel
EOS 42: https://t.me/EOSLondon
EOS Metal: https://t.me/EOSMetal
EOS Nairobi: https://t.me/eosnairobi
EOS Nation: https://t.me/EOSNation
EOS New York: https://t.me/eosnewyorkchat
EOS Rio: https://t.me/eosrio
EOS SEA: https://t.me/eossea
EOSeoul: https://t.me/eoseoul
EOS Shenzhen: https://t.me/eoshenzhen
EOS Silicon Valley: https://t.me/eossv
EOS Singapore: https://t.me/eoscommunitysingapore
EOS Tribe: https://t.me/EOSTribe
EOS Union: https://t.me/EOS_Union
EOS Venezuala: https://t.me/eosvenezuela
EOS ZB: https://t.me/ZBEOS
EOS.fish Chinese: https://t.me/eosfish_zh
EOS.fish English: https://t.me/eosfish_en
EOSio.SG: https://t.me/eosiosg
EOSYS Korean: https://t.me/eosysiokr
EOSYS: https://t.me/EOSYSIO
GenerEOS: https://t.me/generEOS
Greymass: https://t.me/eoswalletgreymass
Hello EOS: https://t.me/helloeos123
JEDA: https://t.me/eosjapan
LibertyBlock: https://t.me/eoslibertyblock
Liquid EOS: https://t.me/BPLiquidEOS
Meet.One English: https://t.me/MeetOneEnglish
Meet.One: https://t.me/MeetOne
ONO China: https://t.me/ONOCN
ONO US: https://t.me/ONOUS
Oraclechain English: https://t.me/OracleChainChat

EOS Governance

EOS Arbitration Public Chat: https://t.me/eosarb
EOS Core Arbitration Nominations: https://t.me/EOSArbNominations
EOSIO Gov: https://t.me/EOSGov
EOSIO Worker Proposal System: https://t.me/eosio_wps
EOS Alliance: https://t.me/eos_alliance
EOS Voter Proxies: https://t.me/eosproxies
EOS Watchdogs: https://t.me/eoswatchdogs
EOS BP Compliance Data/Research: https://t.me/EOSBPCompliance

EOS Test Networks:

EOS Community Test Network: https://t.me/CommunityTestnet
EOS Jungle Test Network: https://t.me/jungletestnet
EOS Scholar Test Network: https://t.me/ScholarTestnet

EOS Developers:

EOS Index (List of current EOS projects): https://t.me/eosindex
EOS Developers: https://t.me/joinchat/EgOVjkPktgfUS3kt14FStw
EOS Game Developers: https://t.me/EosGameDevelopers
EOSDocs.IO (EOS Documentation): https://t.me/eosdocs
EOS Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard: https://t.me/eosionft
LetsBuildEOS: https://t.me/letsbuildeos
EOS Wallet Development: https://t.me/eoswalletdev
EOS Education: https://t.me/EOSEDU
Scatter https://t.me/ScatterDevelopers

EOS Price and Trading:

EOS Price Discussion: https://t.me/EOSPrice
EOS Airdrop Traders: https://t.me/eos_airdrop_traders
EOS Ram: https://t.me/eosram
EOSIO RAM Tech: https://t.me/eosioram
EOS Resource Exchange (REX): https://t.me/eosrex
EOS Name Exchange: https://t.me/eos_name_exchange

EOS Topic Specific Channels:

EOS Block Producers: https://t.me/EOSPros
EOS Opportunities: https://t.me/eos_opportunities
EOS Design: https://t.me/EOSdesign
EOS Marketing: https://t.me/EOSmarketing
EOS BP Startups: https://t.me/bpstartupbusiness
EOS Jobs: https://t.me/eos_jobs
EOS BP Infrastructure: https://t.me/BPInfrastructure
EOS 911: https://t.me/EOS911
CPUEmergency: https://t.me/CPU911

EOS Decentralized Exchanges

FINDEX: https://t.me/FINDEXchat
NEWDEX: https://t.me/NewDex
WhaleEx: https://t.me/WhaleExGroup

EOS News:

EOS Go Announcements: https://t.me/eosgo_announcements
EOS Airdrops: https://t.me/EOS_Airdrop
Dan Larimer Bot: https://t.me/daneos
EOS Airdrops #2: https://t.me/airdropsforeos
EOS Announcements — The Wire: https://t.me/eosLAUNCHbyTHEwire
BP Ratings: https://t.me/bpratings
EOS Apps: https://t.me/eosapps

Non-English General Channels

EOS Arabia: https://t.me/EOS_Arabia
KOREOS: https://t.me/koreosio
EOS Korea: https://t.me/EOSIOKorea
EOS China: https://t.me/EOSCN
EOS Romania: https://t.me/eosro
EOS Russian: https://t.me/EOS_RU
EOS Russian Trading: https://t.me/eostraderu
EOS Italia: https://t.me/EosITA
EOS Suomi (Finland): https://t.me/eossuomi

EOS Wallet Channels

imToken EOS: https://t.me/imTokenEOS_English
EOS Lynx: https://t.me/eoslynx
EOSNOVA.IO: https://t.me/eosnovaio
Scatter: https://t.me/Scatter

Know of any we missed? Leave a comment below or contact us using one of the methods listed.

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain


EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain.

EOS New York

Written by

Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away. www.eosnewyork.io

EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

EOS New York

Written by

Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away. www.eosnewyork.io

EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

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