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The Metro: A Sneak Peek & Get Notified

Get Notified When The Metro Goes On Sale. The Easiest to Use Hardware Key for the EOS Blockchain.

Visit EOSMetro.io To Get Notified!

EOS New York is bringing you the easiest to use hardware key for the EOS blockchain. We are hard at work on perfecting the Metro, but while we do, we want to hear from you! If you want a sneak peek at the Metro features, or are interested in purchasing the Metro when it becomes available, please visit the link above and/or fill out the form below.

A Limited Supply Will Be Available!

Please note, we will contact you for no other reason and your information will never be shared with third parties. This is not a reservation nor a pre-order and does not represent any commitment whatsoever.

EOS New York is a Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet

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Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

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Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose

Former EOS Block Producer. Now Windranger / BitDAO

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