Unregistered EOS Tokens: Recovery Method

A walk-through of the unregistered recovery method for token holders who did not register their EOS ERC-20 tokens prior to the end of the token distribution event

EOS New York
Jan 30 · 5 min read

If you forgot to register your EOS ERC-20 tokens prior to the end of the token distribution event, and the fallback method didn’t work for you, then you’re in the right place.

Thank you to EOS Authority and EOS Argentina for your diligent efforts that lead to the creation of the unregistered token holder recovery method and for adding further value to the EOS ecosystem.

If you held EOS as ERC-20 tokens in an Ethereum wallet address before the mainnet snapshot on June 2nd, 2018, but failed to register that ETH address, you will need to utilize the following methods to set up an EOS account and claim your native EOS tokens. The ERC-20 EOS tokens stored in ETH wallets were frozen at the time of the snapshot and are no longer transferrable or useable in any way. The methods listed below will allow you to prove that you are the ETH wallet owner where those frozen ERC20 EOS are stored, set up a main net account on the EOS network, and claim your EOS tokens for use on the EOS Mainnet.

STEP ONE: Generating EOS keys safely offline with EOSkey.io


To create new EOS public and private key pairs visit EOSkey.io created by EOS Cafe. Download their local application to your device, hit the “generate & validate keys” tab on the left side of the application, and generate a new key pair.

NOTE: You can turn your WIFI OFF before hitting the “generate keys” button while you take your time carefully hand-writing your private keys for cold storage.


Copy and paste your new public key in the pair to a temporary file for easy pasting later and label it “active/owner” public key.


Handwrite down the new private key in the pair, label it “active/owner private key,” and keep it safe in cold storage.


With your wifi still turned off type your private key into the validation tool after hand-writing it down to make sure you can accurately reproduce your private key. Paste the public key into the public key field. Click “validate” button. You should see the words “valid key pair” pop up if everything was entered correctly. If it shows “invalid key pair” then something was entered incorrectly or your handwritten copy of your private key was written down inaccurately.

After confirming the key pair is valid, close the application and turn your WIFI back on.

NOTE: All EOS private keys start with the number 5 and contain 51 characters in total. All public keys start with the letters “EOS” and contain 53 characters in total.

Never leave your private keys on a device capable of being connected to WIFI.

STEP TWO: Using EOS Authority Unregistered Tool


Visit the EOS Authority unregistered website


Create an unused 12 character EOS account name. These account names must be 12 lower case characters exactly and may only contain letters a-z and numbers 1–5. Search your desired account name on Bloks.io block explorer to make sure it’s not already taken.


Paste in your newly generated public key you took note of from step one.


Choose “Alternate Signing — Ledger/Trezor” link at the bottom.

Here you will see your message to sign with. Copy the entire message to your clipboard.


Visit https://www.myetherwallet.com/signmsg.html, paste in the message from step 2;D in the message field, and choose the method for signing that links to the ETH wallet where your ERC20 EOS tokens are held. Once connected click “sign message” button.

NOTE: The “sign message” action may take multiple seconds to provide feedback. Wait for confirmation message on screen.


Copy the entire signature message that appears below after hitting the “sign message” button.


Return to the EOS Authority website and paste the newly copied “signature message” into the lower field then hit the “Send Signed Message” blue button. If everything was entered and submitted properly you will see a successful green message below indicating your EOS account has been created and your tokens are waiting for your there.

Verify Your Account Creation

Visit Bloks.io and search for your newly created 12 character account name.

If the account appears on the block explorer you have successfully verified that your account is created on the EOS mainnet and can now view your token balances. To gain full access to your tokens you can use your private key which was handwritten down previously to log into trusted wallets like Greymass EOS-Voter desktop wallet. For mobile, download the Lynx wallet and Import your private key there when prompted. You can also now download Scatter desktop and import your private key there to create an identity within Scatter. Once you have a Scatter Identity imported you can visit Bloks.io web wallet and log in with Scatter to start manipulating your account and the tokens within it.

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EOS New York

Top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Blockchain. Always adding value. Everything a Block Away.

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