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A public website URL

A link to at least one active social media account or blog




Official WAX Guild candidate name

Attic Lab

Location of company headquarters

Kyiv, Ukraine

Expected location of servers

Ukraine, Germany, Singapore.

Type of servers

Bare metal

Current employee list and pictures

Sergii Vasylchuk, CEO & Co-Founder

Background: Serhii Vasylchuk took part in the development of payment solutions and antifraud systems in Pay Solution. Later, he became a vice-chairman at SmartBank. He left the position to found Attic Lab in 2016. As a CEO of Attic Lab, Serhii managed complex software projects such as openbankIT (blockchain-based banking software) and Codex (cryptocurrency exchange).

Education: M.A., Software Engineering: Automated Management System, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Dmitry Chernobay, CBDO

Dmitry Chernobay is a Ukrainian national, educated in the UK (MBA Banking & Finance), Slovenia (MBA Intl Business) and Ukraine (MA). Mr Chernobay has worked in the private sector in the Ukraine for Bank Société Générale Ukraine as Head of Corporate Banking & Marketing, JSC UkrGasBank as Deputy Chairman, and in the public sector as a policy advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on banking & IFIs. Mr. Chernobay is currently a Supervisory Board member of PrJSC Eurocar and serves as director of Ukrainian technology company Attic Lab Ltd specialized in blockchain and fintech applications.

Serhii Ropchan, Head of DevOps

Background: Serhii has worked as a CTO in a number of start-ups (Redtram, SPORT911). He is a well-rounded expert in microservices architecture, C++, C#, Go, Python, K8S. His

Education: M.A., Physics: Computer Networks and Systems, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Bohdan Opryshko

Bohdan holds Master’s degree in Physics. After many years of successful experience in project management, SMM and UI/UX design, Bohdan joined Attic Lab. As a lead designer, he developed UX/UI for Codex. His role distills down to business planning and customer relations.

Vladyslav Makarov

Background: Besides economics, Vladyslav studied computer science and software engineering at School 42 (Fremont, CA). He dropped out from the school and moved to Paris in 2017 after receiving an offer from Paymium, a French cryptocurrency exchange. In late 2017 he got headhunted by Attic Lab and joined the team in January 2018. His previous experience in consulting and research yielded in an in-depth knowledge of both the business and technical sides of blockchain technology. At Attic Lab, Vlad is in charge of finance.

Education: M.A., Economics: Corporate Finance, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Vitalii Parkhomenko

Vit worked as a BA for big enterprise projects providing support and expertise from discovery phase to successful completion. Has extensive knowledge of Business Analysis, Customer Relations and Project Management. As a PM Vit oversees projects that focus on developing blockchain tools that His main responsibilities are: development of project roadmaps, creation of performance and success criteria, overseeing of budgets and deadlines.

Relevant background qualifications

We’ve been a top-21 Block Producer on EOSIO for a little less than a year as well as being top BP’s on other EOS sister chains.

Attic Lab is mostly a team of software engineers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Tech specs, including an estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources to the WAX Blockchain.

Intel® Core™ i7, 64 GB ram, 1024 GB NVMe SSD, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth.

Estimated scaling plan for hardware

We are prepared to add servers and put together the custom ones when the need arises. We have our own solution for full history on EOSIO which we can use as well. In general, we are ready to do anything to guarantee secure and smooth work of the WAX network.

Community benefit project outline

User-oriented tools like wallets, explorer, etc. Working on hardware and software solutions that will make WAX more attractive for regular token holders and more efficient for Guilds and Guild candidates.

Your thoughts on:


It’s too early to talk about governance of WAX since it’s at the very early stage of its development. We believe the network should run for some time, gather and analyze data and feedback from the chain and the community before implementing any kind of governance model.

Transparency and accountability

Transparency is a cornerstone of being a good Guild. We believe that a custodian of the network has to be open to general public which is why regularly publish reports describing our operations and recent news.


Everyone in the crypto world knows that security comes first. Never do anything unless you’re 100% sure it’s secure, that’s what we stand on when it comes to security.


We stopped using cloud servers a while ago and currently stick to bare metal only since it has more flexibility and fewer vulnerabilities.

Other topics you feel are important for WAX Guilds candidates to address

We believe that close cooperation of Guilds and education of community are at the core of success for WAX.

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

Attic Lab

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

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