We are happy to announce our participating in a great event — EOS Meetup in Kyiv!

Attic Lab
Attic Lab
Aug 29, 2018 · 1 min read

Credits to the Blockchain Hub for giving us this opportunity and providing the space.

This meetup will be followed by respected speakers:

Sergiy Vasylchuk — @atticlab_it

Roman Skaskiw — @EOS_CryptoLions

Roman Cherednik — @KunaExchange

Sergiy Vasylchuk will explain you the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPos) consensus algorithm, EOS Block Producers, EOS Tokenomics, and Attic Lab as a Block Producer and our experience.

Roman Skaskiw will discuss current EOS Constitution vs Constitution 2.0, future of Worker Proposal system, ECAF financing and ECAF vs Insurance.

Roman Cherednik will tell you how to create an EOS account, how to interact with the network using Scatter+eostoolkit, also, interaction with cleos, and KUNA as a Block Producer.

Does it sound attractive to you?

Go and register and make sure that you absorb all the knowledge! It is a unique opportunity, believe us.

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

Attic Lab

Written by

Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

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