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Apr 17 · 2 min read

Everyone in the EOS community is very much aware of the issues that the network is facing with History APIs. The blockchain keeps growing in terms of transactions and configuring the centralised server for logs is a daunting task given the variety of transactions we have on the blockchain. Relaying in case of any system failure is quite a complex and time-consuming process. The need of a solution which is both reliable and scalable to meet the demands of all the wallets, explorers and dApplicaitons is evident.

The community have developed few innovative solutions like Hyperion, MongoDB and others since legacy history solution got deprecated. We feel if EOS scales and gains mass-adoption most of the settlements might fail to scale. We have built our own temporary solution based on Elasticsearch history plugin by LaoMao, but we always wanted to develop our own product and help the EOS community.

Since the time we launched our Full-History node solution on Elasticsearch with native API a while ago, the team has been working hard to develop the EOS full-history solution that utilizes our own ScyllaDB/Apache Cassandra plugin.

Git link:

Here’s what the progress looks like so far:

  • The solution is now going through the alpha-testing stage.
  • Reached 38,500,000 head block; 2.5 Tb space used.
  • No major issues found.
  • Started syncing the ScyllaDB cluster.

As soon as alpha is finished, we’ll start development of the API layer for both ScyllaDB and Apache Cassandra storages and announce public beta stage in order to perform thorough and complete testing process of the plugin.

Setup details:

Apache Cassandra 3.6, level compaction, LZ4 compression, LZ4 compaction strategies.

3 servers


Dedicated Root Server EX42-NVMe

Intel:registered: Core:tm: i7–6700 Quad-Core Skylake


2 x 512 GB + 1 х 1000 GB NVMe SSD

1 Gbit/s bandwidth

ScyllaDB 3.05

Setup price: €180

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

Attic Lab

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

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