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May 23 · 4 min read

Proposal Name — BOS Europe Meetups


BOS Blockchain is developing very rapidly, but unfortunately it is almost unknown in Europe and Eastern Europe.


Attic Lab is Block Producer at majority blockchains and EOS based blockchains from the mainnet launch — EOS, BOS, ORE, Tezos, IOST, Waves, Cosmos, Irisnet, Dash, Qtum, Decred. We gathered huge experience in optimizing chain as well as creating off-chain tools — for improving blockchain usage and promote mass adoption. Solid knowledge of computer science, software engineering and finance helps us to build blockchain-based solutions from scratch as well as to collaborate with other blockchain teams as an equal partner. But for those purpose that all developments could work successfully and bring all the benefits and satisfaction to Users, no doubt there must be one thing — the audience.

  1. Attic Lab feels ready to participate in WPS and knows how to improve BOS
  2. To promote BOS on Central and Eastern Europe region by holding several meetups
  3. To have deeper integration into BOS community

It should be notified that we have already successfully organized Kyiv Tezos Meetup and EOS Warsaw Meetup. These events brought together so many people who were really interested and knowledgeable in this field. A lot of different topics of both Ecosystems where discussed. Absolutely professional speakers were involved. There is no doubt that we are highly aware of how to conduct such events. We are going to hold events in different countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Germany and ect. We are also confident that we could provide two representatives of BOS Core team as a speakers for Meetups we are planning to hold.

All our event leave the most pleasant impressions and inspire people to work and develop more. We are sure that it the best time to organize BOS Kyiv meetup this summer.

Execution Plan

Phase 1 — Creation proposal & Funding receiving

Phase 2 — Preparation for the Meetup

Phase 3 — Print Merchandise and gifts for the Meetup (T-shirts, stickers, posters, banners)

Phase 4 — Rent a place for conduction the Meetup

Phase 5 — Video and photo shooting of Meetup

Phase 6 — Distribution of gifts and airdrop to all participants of Meetup

Expected results

The results we are target to:

1. BOS popularization

2. To make users interested in such ecosystem as BOS.

3. To bring dApp developers to BOS

Fund Release Plan

BOS MeetUps
Funds — 340 000 BOS
Duration — 3 months


Sergii Vasylchuk
CEO and Co-founder
A former software engineer with thorough knowledge in finance, now Sergii is CEO at Attic Lab. A wide range of business and technical skills allows him to manage complex software projects. Sergii is involved in business development and strategic planning.

Sergii Ropchan
Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Attic Lab. Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development and systems/network optimization. Sergii has over 20 years of Unix software engineering, system administration, and DevOps experience.

Dmitry Chernobay
CBDO and Co-founder
Dmitry Chernobay is a Ukrainian national, educated in the UK (MBA Banking & Finance), Slovenia (MBA Intl Business) and Ukraine (MA). Mr Chernobay has worked in the private sector in the Ukraine for Bank Société Générale Ukraine as Head of Corporate Banking & Marketing, JSC UkrGasBank as Deputy Chairman, and in the public sector as a policy advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on banking & IFIs. Mr. Chernobay is currently a Supervisory Board member of PrJSC Eurocar and serves as director of Ukrainian technology company Attic Lab Ltd specialized in blockchain and fintech applications.

Vlad Makarov
Vlad studied computer science and software engineering at School 42 (Fremont, CA). His previous experience in consulting and research yielded in an in-depth knowledge of both the business and technical sides of blockchain technology. At Attic Lab, Vlad is in charge of finance.

Bohdan Opryshko
Bohdan holds Master’s degree in Physics. After many years of successful experience in project management, SMM and UI/UX design, Bohdan joined Attic Lab. As a lead designer, he developed UX/UI for Codex. His role at Attic Lab distills down to business planning and customer relations.

Vit Parkhomenko
Community Manager
Vitalii’s is in charge of creating tutorials, educational resources, news, social media management and generally helping community members. Vitalii has been involved in customer service for several years and has worked in the blockchain industry since the beginning of 2018. Vitalii believes that community is the key for the future of any cryptocurrency.

Relevant Links

Examples of events that we have successfully organized:

Kyiv EOS Meetup (29.09.18)

EOS European Meetup

POS DPOS meetup

Kyiv Tezos meetup

Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!

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Attic Lab

Attic Lab - EOS Block Producer, that develops the best solutions for EOS ecosystem!