eosBLACK Exchange Listing Announcement

We are eosBLACK team.

eosBLACK has been highly evaluated on technical value from various exchanges while we are preparing for listing on the exchange since the publication of whitepaper and completion of airdrop in July. As a result, we might be able to tell you about the news of listing of large exchanges in abroad and Korea in the near future.

Regardless of the request of eosBLACK team, there are some exchanges in China have already been listed our token ‘BLACK’ and are actively engaged in transactions. Also, DEXEOS, the world’s first EOSIO-based DEX exchange developed by a domestic development company, is also available for trading. In addition, currently BLACK tokens are number one trading volume on all listed exchanges due to the interest of many people.

As we have a lot of inquiries about listing of exchanges, we will be able to share related news as soon as possible.

Please check the following link of exchanges in which BLACK tokens can be traded.

<Exchange link>
Dragonex: https://dragonex.io/

<DEX Exchange Link>
DEXEOS: https://dexeos.io/
Newdex: https://newdex.io/

Thank you.

eosBLACK Team

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