eosBLACK Bancor Integration

Hello, we are eosBLACK team.

eosBLACK’s “BLACK” token has been listed on Bancor X, a new exchange based on Etherium and EOSIO’s first decentralized liquidity network.

Bancor is the world’s largest decentralized exchange network, aimed at providing the continuing liquidity of cryptocurrency through smart contract. Bancor is the most successful decentralized exchanges on Etherium, which was initially founded on Etherium and has more than 120 listed tokens and over $ 1.5 billion in transactions.

Bancor has successfully launched EOSIO-based Bancor X on November 5th, and will be able to trade EOS tokens and will also be interchangeable between EOS and Ether tokens in the future.

As BLACK token is listed at the same time as the launch of Bancor X, it is expected that the liquidity of the BLACK token will increase, and those who have inconvenience in using the existing centralization exchange will be able to trade more conveniently.

Recently, BLACK has been listed on Cashierest, which is the Korean won exchange, and we are continuing to make an effort to be listed in domestic and foreign large exchanges as there are many inquiries regarding listing of eosBLACK. We will try to inform you about the additional listing related information as soon as possible including exchanges in which the current contract is being discussed.

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