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Eos Crash
Mar 14 · 4 min read

To begin with, we would like to say that our main mission is to provide as clear and comfortable gaming process as it possible. There is no doubt that importance of dApp statistic’s can’t be diminished in the era of information, especially for our players.
Thanks to you, guys, we are bringing to the 4 month EosCrash anniversary and we want to share with you some interesting info and facts we’ve accumulated and discovered within these period!

General Data

Firstly, we should admit that we will analyse data of 3 months 12.01.18–02.28.19 period. Let’s get it!

656 082 EOS was wagered
528 153 bets made
474 unique users played EosCrash

On that basis we may easily find out a lot of interesting info, alike how much EOS average user bets by division all wagered EOS and bets quantity. In that case we have average bet of 1,24 EOS. That is pretty cool for now.

Moreover, you know that EosCrash has House Edge of 2% and we can easily figure out how much total profit was achieved by this time.
EOS Wagered * 2%= 13121 EOS.

In fact we had a little less number of profit — 12924 EOS and actual House Edge about 1.97%. That’s all depends on a time frame we have, cause 3 month is not so big period. The bigger period we analyzing — more accurate numbers we get.

Furthermore, out of our total profit we have distributed around 9630.3 EOS for dividends and various game features to bring more exciting game process:

Dividends payouts — 5237.02 EOS

Dividends are paying constantly on a daily basis and consists of 60% of House Edge after Jackpot and Giveaway deductions.

Giveaway payouts — 3959.92 EOS
Jackpot payouts — 433.36 EOS

Giveaways and Jackpots consists of 0.2% each from total wagered sum in or Crash game. Need to say that Giveaways has additional prizepool incomes of 15 EOS daily and 0.2% from total wagered sum in Aurora PvP Dice game.

Average numbers

To provide complete picture of EosCrash it is necessary to show some average numbers that disclosure interesting data:

•Average number of unique daily users — 30. We can say that this number is stable an has slow rising trend.

•There were 5868 bets made daily during this 3 month period. And it is about 528 153 bets in total.

•Average total daily wagered sum is 7289.81 EOS. It is about 243 EOS per user daily. And total average wagered sum per user is 1385 EOS.

To sum it up, we can see high frequency and wagering activity of contemporary users with a low number of new daily users, but as the proverb says “Every medal has two sides”, so let’s look at it reverse side. The cryptomarket has a long time bear trend right now, as a result dApp market feels a little standstill, but Spring is coming and we already see some hidden endeavours on the market.


And finally let’s turn to the more entertainment part with TOP 5 ratings:

We can see that players in TOP 5 don’t scare of making high bets, as the result they get relevant prize for their risks. Just imagine how this TOP change, when we will make max bet much more bigger!

Among the TOP biggest multipliers, 50x is the leader thanks to ftmkplnkapln! What is more, it’s hard even to imagine what multipliers players may catch, if we will launch challenge for the biggest one? 1000x is just around the corner!

As you can see we have constant Giveaway and Jackpot hunters and, you know, every of them has especially unique strategy to win. To be honest, it’s pretty easy to get the prize, as statistics shows its enough to choose the right gaming strategy in according to your competitors and, of course, permanent observing of the game makes Jackpots and Giveaways really profitable.

EosCrash’s development is well under way, as we have released first Multiplayer PvP Dice Tournaments based on the EOS blockchain, despite that fact that all EOS dApps market feels a little standstill, we feel confident about our project.

May the force be with you,

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EOS Crash Game to move further.

Eos Crash

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Eos Crash



EOS Crash Game to move further.

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