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Spacegamblers, we understand all the importance of intra-game communication for you! So, we`re happy to announce that now you have this opportunity to interact each other and to share stories of success and failure easily via new in-game Chat, which is situated in upper-right section!

Cooperate to play in Aurora, discover experience of other players, share your achievements, but remember about these simple rules!

Chat rules

1. Listen to Staff Members.

Game Admins — are your staff members. Listen to them.

  • If you are asked to stop doing something but continue, you can be muted.

2. Use the correct chat channels.

There are different chat channels, each having their own purpose.

3. No In-Game Abuse.

  • No harassing or insulting other players. (Joking is allowed if it’s not extreme and the other player does not take offense.)
  • No racism, sexism, hurtful or other discriminatory remarks.
  • No extremely offensive conversations. (This can include conversations about politics and religion, as some people get offended with these topics. Chat moderators may use their discretion in determining the inappropriateness of a topic.)
  • No links to pornography or any pornographic site are allowed.

4. No discussing or planning illegal activities with other players.

5. No advertising other games, game websites, or voice chat.

6. No Caps Lock.

7. No spam. Definitions of spam:

  • Sending the same message over and over again.
  • Pointless messages meant to annoy others.
  • Random, meaningless messages.

8. No trolling. Definitions of trolling:

  • Deliberately provoking another player via cynical or sarcastic remarks.
  • Baiting others to send an angry or offensive response to you.
  • Knowingly giving false information about game.
  • It is up to a admin to decide what other behavior is considered trolling.

9. No discussions about Scripting / Bug Abuse or other game-abusing activities.

10. No Scamming.

11. Use common sense, think before you speak.

If you are about to say something that you would not want to be said to you, it’s a good idea to keep that thought to yourself. Part of the admins responsibilities is to ensure that chat remains friendly to all. If a decent portion of chat is not happy with the current discussion, moderators can request the discussion to end, and mute if necessary. This includes arguments in chat.

12. No mute evasions.

Don’t bring in an alt to ask or whine about being muted on other character. And don’t violate a rule and log off immediately after to avoid getting muted.

13. It is up to the staff member(s) that is/are online at the time what the consequence is for the offense.

Standard consequences are as follows (but can change depending on the severity of the situation):

  1. First time offense gets a warning.

2. Repeated offense after ignoring warning will be muted. Mutes can last up to an hour or 1 week.

3. Habitual offenders can be muted, or banned without warning, especially if you very well know the chat rules and choose to break them anyway.

14. No bickering in public chat about the decision that was made or about the chat rules.

You may DM a staff member if you wish to discuss the decision that was made as to not disrupt chat.

Furthermore, if any situations arise that are not covered in this and a staff member has to step in to take control and diffuse the situation, it is up to the staff member to use their own discretion as to what action to take and this will be edited to reflect the situation for any possible further instances.

Check our chat — https://eoscrash.app !

May the force be with you,
EosCrash Team

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EOS Crash Game to move further.

Eos Crash

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Eos Crash



EOS Crash Game to move further.

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