EosCrash MEME challenge. 50 EOS for best MEME

EosCrash to the Trends!
We are excited to announce “EosCrash MEME challenge”!

You need to:
1) Make a meme about EosCrash. Remember that you can make as many as you can, but only best one can get a reward.
You can create them here: imgflip.com/memegenerator

2) Join and send meme to the t.me/eoscrashchat

Time period: 30 November- till 7 December.

3) We`ll choose the best TOP-20 by our team and make a poll.
Everyone will be able to vote for those from 8 December till 13th December!

Results will be announced on 12.14.18!


1st — 50 EOS
2st — 2000 CRASH
3rd–1000 CRASH
4th–500 CRASH
5th–300 CRASH
6–20th — 100 CRASH each

Also, you need to have EOS account to get your prize!

Stay memed,
EosCrash team.

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