EOS TAPSONIC VR, The World’s First EOS VR Game

Oct 24, 2018 · 4 min read

EOS TAPSONIC VR: The World’s First EOS VR Game launches Today!


Hello, We are EOSeoul, A block producer based in Korea.
We are proud to announce the main-net launch of EOS TAPSONIC VR, the world’s first VR game based on the EOS blockchain!

EOS TAPSONIC VR is a virtual reality rhythm game on the EOS Mainnet made by NEOWIZ. NEOWIZ, The Korea-based game developer, found great success with their mobile game ’TAPSONIC’ in 2011 and It has been one of the most attention-grabbing mobile rhythm game over 10 million users. And now, EOS TAPSONIC VR brings new precision to rhythm games in the blockchain.

EOS TAPSONIC VR, which attempts to gamify the experience of using the EOS blockchain, aiming to entertain and provide experience using blockchain driven VR applications. Most of the game’s appeal comes from its 21 songs contains different background images and patterns.

What is EOS TAPSONIC VR gameplay like?

EOS TAPSONIC VR consists of songs corresponding to the rhythm of the music that the user must interact within the correct way to score points. The game itself requires a Windows desktop or laptop, Scatter desktop, and 2 versions of TAPSONIC which can be downloaded for free from Steam and is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The only button ever used is a trigger button to select songs but your motion is all that matters while you start playing. Once logged into the Scatter and play the EOS TAPSONIC VR, players can check their results on EOS Mainnet.

EOS TAPSONIC VR is an uplifting VR rhythm game with epic visual and sound effects and what you need to do is hit the blocks when they are coming at you! The concept and way to operate the device are obvious enough it’s accessibility to everyone, not just VR enthusiasts. It’s quite simple but very infectious. Each song should have multiple levels of difficulty to make it easier for beginners to access and for experts to enjoy challenges. The beats flow through you, and you find yourself dancing while you play. So if this interests you, grab it now. Comment an emoji that would best describe how bad you want to play EOS TAPSONIC VR!

We will bring you further updates on rewards depends on the leaderboard soon.

How can I play EOS TAPSONIC VR?

EOS TAPSONIC VR is strictly a VR game, compatible with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. You’ll likewise need a PC that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)

Also, EOS TAPSONIC VR is a VR game based in EOS blockchain, Scatter Desktop and 2 Versions of the game from Steam are required.

Follow the tutorial to get you started with Scatter Desktop and 2 Games from Steam.

Scatter Desktop

1)Download Windows scatter desktop and Login into Scatter by pressing the blue Scatter icon and make a password.

2)Fill in your password and click on create new Scatter.

3)You will be shown your 12 phrases Mnemonic, ensure you write them down.
4)Click on Accept

5)Click on Choose Automatic Backup Location. Using a USB is a safe way.

6)Click on Vault.

7)Click on new to proceed.

8)Click on the red ‘Name this Secret’ to make an account name. After you have chosen a name, click on Import, and Text or QR.

9)Fill in your Private key.


1)Sign in Steam
2)Install Steam

3)This content requires the base game TapSonic World Champion VR on Steam in order to play.


Congratulations! Everything is ready!

Check Tutorial out!

This tutorial is for the player who already has Scatter Desktop and 2 games.


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