Here’s what’s new in the nBlocks Hunt update!

Aug 2, 2019 · 3 min read

We have put out nBlocks Hunt update that adds some new block and fixes a couple of bugs.

👉 Update Android Ver. 👉 Update iOS Ver.

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We nBlocks Hunt is a Location-based Blockchain AR app. It will allow users to find, get and share blockchain assets in the real-world location in a fun way. Find blocks around you using augmented reality!

The latest update for nBlocks Hunt is out! — What’s New :

Win token rewards by answering trivia questions

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Full coverage: Seoul, Korea

Limited coverage:

  • Korea — Suwon, Changwon, Goyang, Yongin, Seongnam, Anyang, Gwangju, Deagu, Busan, Jeju
  • USA — New York, San Francisco, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles
  • Japan — Tokyo
  • China — Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzen, Beijing
  • India — Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru.

With nBlocks Hunt, you can:

Discover various blocks from all over the world and share some of your own.

    Find interesting crypto blocks around you with Augmented reality technology.
    Break blocks and get crypto token rewards. Get a key to unlock Green Block that it contains up to 10 times more tokens than Grey Block. You can purchase keys through the in-game key store or they are obtainable from Grey block.
  • QUIZ
    Win token prizes by answering trivia questions. Make your own quiz!
    Share your content, memories, commercial with tokens in the real-world. Everyone can see your creation when they are in the location where you placed it.
    Get connected to the blockchain world with your Google, Facebook account just like any other apps. Create a new EOS account from the nBlocks wallet. If you’re an EOS user, You must download nBlocks wallet to sign-in.
    Manage personal crypto tokens you earned while playing nBlocks Hunt. Withdraw tokens to a nBlocks wallet for asset management.

Download the nBlocks Hunt for free! Do you have any feedback for us? Please tell us. Go to nBlocks Website or nBlocks official News to get in touch.


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Telegram :
Email :


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