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A simple and secure crypto wallet with all-new features.

Ariel Lee
Ariel Lee
Nov 28, 2019 · 4 min read

We are excited to unveil a renewed nBlocks Wallet that allows you to manage your assets securely and efficiently. nBlocks Wallet has now become more intuitive, easy, and strongly secure. nBlocks is now available on Play Store and App Store!

We aim to create the most convenient and compelling user experience for our wallet. The work is still in progress and as part of it, we’ve updated a new version of nBlocks Wallet. The new nBlocks focused on strengthening key management and security features related to it.

What’s new in nBlocks Wallet

Everything. nBlocks has been completely renewed from the ground up with a unique design interface and powerful key backup&restore features. You’ll notice this in every corner of the app.

1. Sign in with social media account

Get started with your first crypto wallet quickly using a social media account you already have. Just tap ‘Continue with Google or Facebook’ button, complete the verification process and you’re now ready to meet the crypto world. You can get a new ETH, KLAY wallet for free or EOS account through In-App purchase.

2. Encrypted key Backup & Restore

Many development teams have been emphasizing user-friendly UI/UX.
Still, in fact, they have missed the most essential part of the user experience. It is secure private key management, which is of utmost importance to safeguard your assets as the problem of lost or stolen keys continue to arise. Brand new nBlocks Wallet includes the ability to back up and recover all the private keys of crypto accounts you have registered at once.

Backup is required to secure your funds if you ever delete the app or lose your devices. When you finish backup, your key is split into separate pieces and stored separately in different locations. Backup is done!🔒

If you want to get back into your wallet, you need to verify your identity with your phone number and email address. Then, every piece will be consolidated to restore your funds from your cloud and other locations. With Shamir’s Secret Sharing, your funds are safe even if you lose one piece. But for recovery, all encrypted parts of the key are needed to reconstruct a wallet. Please do not remove your backup file.

*The restore feature is only available within the same OS(Operating system). If you change to the device with a different OS, you can’t restore the backup file.

3. Support multiple blockchains

Currently, nBlocks support EOS(EOS), Ethereum (ETH) and Klaytn(KLAY). We will support many more blockchains including Ontology (ONT) soon.

Got multiple blockchain accounts?

You don’t need to sign in and out of one account to access another anymore. nBlocks Wallet supports account switching. You can add multiple chain accounts and switch between them without having to sign out and sign in. Manage numerous accounts more easily with nBlocks.

4. Simple and secure token transfer

You will now see a fresh transfer interface and notice an intuitive interface in every corner of the app.

Crypto transfer using nBlocks is more comfortable and efficient than ever before! In the new version of nBlocks, you can send and receive tokens in a simple way. Just enter the amount you want to transfer. If you’re going to move all of your balance in one go, tap on ‘Balance’. Enjoy the fresh and easy-to-use interface.

5. Enhanced Security with Sentinel Protocol

For enhanced security, nBlocks Wallet has partnered with Uppsala Security, who built the first crowdsourced threat intelligence platform known as Sentinel Protocol, which is powered by blockchain technology. nBlocks Wallet adopted Uppsala Security’s crypto security solution, Interactive Cooperation Framework API(ICF API), which detects cybersecurity threats related to phishing, hacks, and scams. When transferring your digital assets, ICF API utilizes the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) to promptly identify suspicious EOS accounts and Ethereum addresses. Our common aim is to secure users from malicious threats. You can rest assured that with Uppsala Security’s solutions, nBlocks transfers are safer.

On the transfer page, you can edit the list of favorite accounts you want to send token and customize the address username. You no longer have to complex addresses for transactions!

It’s completely free and available to download from Play Store and App Store. Enjoy all-new nBlocks Wallet!


The easiest way to meet the blockchain

Ariel Lee

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Ariel Lee

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The easiest way to meet the blockchain

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