Tutorial: Customising The eosfinex UI

eosfinex provides access to a fully customizable trading interface allowing you to optimise your workstation according to your exact needs.

To get started, visit ‘Settings’ in the top-right corner of your eosfinex UI. Upon doing so, you will be faced with the following options:

  • Theme: Switch seamlessly between Dark and White themes.
  • Font: Switch between Regular and Monospace fonts.
  • Timezone: Choose the exact time-zone applicable to you.
  • Reset Layout: Return to the predetermined eosfinex UI.

To further customise the eosfinex UI, return to the trading interface. At this point you will be faced with 8 individual UI components:

  • Chart
  • Balances
  • Orders
  • Order book
  • Order form
  • Order history
  • Trade history
  • EOX Resources

The above components make up the entirety of the eosfinex exchange UI. All 8 components can be repositioned, re-sized and outright removed based on your precise requirements. Use the X symbol to delete each component, the arrows to resize each component and the + to re-add previously deleted components.

The eosfinex UI is built around a drag-and-drop system whereby all 8 components can be re-positioned in whatever manner you desire. Simply click on each component’s header and drag it to the desired position.

The eosfinex testnet is here! Try it out on paper.eosfinex.com.

For tutorials, visit ‘Tutorials and Lessons’.