Bridging the Chasm between Eastern and Western Block Producers

Asia is the throbbing heart of the blockchain industry outside the US, and in fact, the region has shown more activity than its western counterparts. It is therefore no insignificant phenomenon that eastern communities are now occupying a heavier role in the new politics of blockchain governance.

When you look at the top 21 EOS BPs, you will probably notice many names unfamiliar to regular EOS token holders in the West. These BPs are not that active on western social media, and in fact from a domestic perspective, they are not that active in native social media either. EOS token holders know they have always been up there in the ranking, but they don’t know exactly what these BPs are doing, how they got up there, or their views on going about building the EOS ecosystem. Given the fact that these communities are mostly from China, this has contributed to a degree of confusion, suspicion, and anger in the EOS community on their lack of communications and corruption in some cases.

This is compounded by the fact that the most value-adding Block Producers are also elected as top BPs but rather often sidelined, which we highlighted in our previous post. In the complex dynamics of blockchain governance, the tension between Chinese/Eastern and western communities is an obstacle to the advancement of the EOSIO ecosystem as a whole. We need to solve this issue on the governance level and the community level if we want to make EOS a blockchain to its true technological and humanitarian potential (and yes, you should not let the human part out).

The “confusion, suspicion, and anger” of our communities should not go unheard. If we take a closer look at the issue, it can be summed up in the following aspects:

  • Lack of communications between the BP and the general EOS token holders
  • Lack of transparency on the progress the BP has made
  • Lack of community presence of the BP — ghost BPs
  • In short: how did they get there? EOS voters do not know.

These are genuine concerns from the EOS ecosystem and should not be discounted light-heartedly. Imagine a candidate in a real-world democratic election that just rises out of the blue to the top without any contact with the voters. Low familiarity means low trust, and trust in cases like this is indeed low.

A EOS parallel/sister chain born out of China building a global community, EOSForce can see both sides of the issue. There is the need from the EOS community at large to see more transparency in these Chinese Block Producers, and there’s the need for Chinese BPs to show more community engagement in a democratic blockchain governance environment like EOS.

As of right now, there are many opportunities to easily address these concerns. Here EOSForce proposes the following:

  1. EOS Global Hackerthon: EOS Global Hackerthon is a great opportunity for EOS BPs and communities around the world to mingle around and make connections. It’s not just showtime for talented programmers, but a community event for stronger rapport, reaffirming each other’s vision and see what’s in common. However, often we only see active western BPs share their moments in the event and not enough representatives from the East/China.
  2. Global Meetups: EOS Gravity and a few BPs kicked off a great start in June during EOS official launch in Hong Kong. That was the first ever meetup where BPs from both parts of the world came together and discussed their plans on making EOS better. And now in November, on 16th, we have Global BP Summit in Oslo, Norway where global BPs come together and discuss the role of BPs in blockchain governance. This is great timing concerning the BP collusion discussion in September and the current launch of referendum tool. We should have more participants from those Chinese top BPs in these events.
  3. DApp Contest: beside the official EOS Hackerthon, contest events hosted by BPs themselves are a great value-adding opportunity for communities. Like the recent ones by EOSYS and EOSForce. While many BPs may prefer to build stuff on their own, but showing support to events like this is better than finishing their own product and leaving the general EOS users out of the experience.

Many Block Producers from Asia and China now act like small independent fiefdoms on their own, offering little transparency and community engagement to the larger EOS ecosystem. However, in a global, domcratic, and decentralized blockchain world, that won’t cut it. We need to see what you are about and more importantly, we are excited to see what you’re doing. So start sharing and engaging. Behind-the-scene vote exchange or even collusion do not fit in EOS here.

At EOSForce we are committed to building a global EOS network. We love working with EOS communities around the world to build a fairer and faster network. So if you want to join us in this sister EOS chain, contact us and we will do our best to support your community as well!

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