EOSphere joins EOSForce Mainnet

Today, EOSphere successfully registered as a Block Producer with the name forcesphere on the EOSForce Mainnet.

This continues our commitment to supporting diversity amongst the EOSIO community.

The EOSForce BP voting model is quite different than the EOSIO Mainnet for what they believe to be a fairer governance structure.

Here are the key differences as described by EOSForce:

  1. On the EOSForce mainnet, 1 EOS token only bears 1 vote, whereas on the EOSIO Mainnet, 1 EOS token can be used to vote for up to 30 block producers. This can solve governance issues including BP cartel formation.
  2. On the EOSForce mainnet, users get compensated with a BP reward dividend for voting for BPs, whereas users don’t receive any direct incentives for voting on EOS Mainnet. This can solve the governance issues including lack of voter participation and BP power monopoly.

You can read more details about the full voting mechanism here.

We are very excited to be part of the EOSForce family and look forward to forging strong relationships with our friends/partners in China and the rest of Asia.

We feel we will be able to help bridge the gap between the East and West and get the recognition this exciting project deserves amongst the Western community.

If you you would like to support forcesphere then you can vote using Scatter or the EOSForce Wallet.


EOSForce Wallet:
https://www.eosforce.io (click on wallet download link)

Go EOSForce!

EOSphere are a passionate group of EOSIO enthusiasts and data centre professionals. Based in Australia, EOSphere are focused on bootstrapping the EOSIO community and serving the entire EOSphere through provision of infrastructure, governance and community benefit initiatives.

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EOSphere Blog

Leading Australian EOSIO Block Producer candidate serving the entire EOSphere

John Livesey (EOSphere)

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EOSphere Blog

Leading Australian EOSIO Block Producer candidate serving the entire EOSphere