GoodGuys Digest: Edition 4

Featuring EOS Mediterranean and EOS Detroit

Nov 14, 2018 · 4 min read
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Welcome to the fourth edition of the GoodGuys Digest. We are EOSphere, a standby Block Producer (BP) for the EOS blockchain network. We also manage a proxy voting account, named goodguys4eos, which is used to assign votes to outstanding BPs under 1% of votes. With this digest we bring you good news from these Block Producers. Hope you enjoy :)

EOS Mediterranean

Account: eosmedinodes
Node location: Paris, France
Rank: 91
Votes: 0.27

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Vote Tracker: EOS Mediterranean released the second version of the Vote Tracker. It’s a tool for users to track voting behaviour, which includes a list of individual voters and registered proxies. With this version, the user interface has been refined and the page structure made more intuitive. For proxy accounts, a user can easily view the registered description, meta data including voters, a visual representation of vote changes in the last 24 hours, a staking log and a history of BP vote decisions. Aurora EOS recently tweeted about Vote Tracker:

This is one of the best resources for data on EOS voting activity. We use it daily.

Votetracker Bot: EOS Mediterranean recently released an upgrade to the VoteTracker Bot, in partnership with BP.FISH. Designed for use on Telegram Chat, simply send a message to @eosvotetracker_bot and get started. You can set thresholds and be updated on block producer and proxy levels.

Dev4eos: EOS Medi’s latest addition to their tool offering is Dev4eos. It is an online smart contract editor for EOS, similar to ETH Remix. It supports mainnet and testnets (Jungle/CryptpKylin). The team encourage developers to try it out and log issues in their github repository.

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EOS Detroit

Account: eosiodetroit
Node locations: Detroit, USA
Rank: 87
Votes: 0.32%

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Fintech forum: On 6 November, EOS Detroit and the Detroit Blockchain Center hosted “Building Blocks”, a panel-style event which focussed on the intersection of blockhain and fintech. Watch the recording here.

Blockchain Babes Who Brunch: Recently Ingrid, the Chief Community Officer at EOS Detroit, hosted a hands-on workshop teaching ‘the ladies’ about EOS and Bitcoin wallets. This is an ongoing education series that Ingrid is running. You can follow Ingrid on her twitter account.

EOS Detroit are partnering with the Telos and Worbli blockchains. These blockchains use the same EOSIO software to run their networks.

They also provide support for Chintai, the first leasing platform on EOS.

EOS Detroit are maintaining a public calendar, tracking EOS events around the world.

Cannabis and Crypto: Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Detroit and throughout Michigan. EOS Detroit will be hosting an event to discuss the role that cryptocurrencies could play in the marijuana industry. RSVP here.

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A Proxy For The Good Guys

With our proxy, goodguys4eos, we assign your votes to Block Producers who meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have received below 1% of total network votes
  • Adhere to the {{ regproducer }} Agreement
  • Adhere to the Constitution
  • Actively Participate in the Community

You can proxy your vote to the goodguys4eos account at our eosvoter tool, using the command line cleos tool or by researching another voting tool. To learn more about proxy voting, read the explainer by Aurora EOS.

Connect with EOSphere via these channels:


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