GoodGuys Digest: Edition 6

with Aloha EOS and GenerEOS

Jan 17, 2019 · 4 min read
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Welcome to the sixth edition of the GoodGuys Digest. We are EOSphere, a standby Block Producer (BP) for the EOS blockchain network. We also manage a proxy voting account, named goodguys4eos, which is used to assign votes to outstanding BPs under 1% of votes. With this digest we bring you good news from these Block Producers. We switched it up a bit this time round. We decided that the featured block producers can speak for themselves! Hope you enjoy :)

Aloha EOS

Account: alohaeosprod
Node locations: Honolulu, HI and London, England

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Aloha EOS is a highly technical block producer team headquartered in the United States. Our producing node is in Hawaii, which offers a unique geographic location that helps diversify the EOS network and bridge the East and West.

Our team consists of technical experts in blockchain, security, performance, scalability, and web/dapp development. We have been actively involved in EOS since early 2018 and helped launch the mainnet.

We have built many free tools for the EOS community, such as our Proxy Research Portal for researching proxy candidates, and our Block Producer Benchmarks for helping block producers improve their performance.
We also support and participate in both Jungle and CryptoKylin testnets, offering our infrastructure and guidance to dApp developers.

We hope that through the combination of our early and ongoing efforts with our community involvement, guides, tool contributions, and testnets, you will strongly consider us for your BP vote!

• In an effort to continue improving our infrastructure and meet the demands of the network, Aloha EOS has recently purchased new servers and equipment to enhance our operations in the Honolulu location. We expect to have these online by the end of February.
• Aloha EOS joined the privEOS project and launched a privEOS testnet node on 1/8/2019.
• We are working on some exciting new updates to our BP Research Portal that should be live within the next month.
• We have updated our BP Benchmarks to show outlier samples.

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Account: aus1genereos
Node locations: Australia

GenerEOS is an independent self-funded social enterprise block producing candidate with a mission of promoting and supporting scalable and highly reliable block production whilst giving back 20% of net profit to Charities and Community projects. Headquartered and with producing nodes in Sydney, Australia, GenerEOS is founded by a team of five like-minded blockchain enthusiasts — Nathan Rempel, Tim Weston, Ralf Weinand, Tai Tran and Tom Fu and support members DataJunky and Richie.

Creators of the first open-source web wallet offering users the account tools they need. Since launch of mainnet has over 70,000 unique users to date and has recently implemented Chinese and Korean translations with more languages to be added to support the adoption of EOSIO and grow the worldwide EOS community.

GenerEOS contribute to the education and public presence of EOS with our EOS Help Desk, having over 28 published tutorials and hundreds of support tickets resolved. We are regularly contributing informative social media content including our YouTube series ‘State of EOS’ where we host important panel discussion with high profile community members.

We have been focusing more closely with adding more and more dapps on the EOStoolkit providing airgrab and staking functions. We have also recently translated the toolkit to cater to Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. We also have Japanese in the works at the moment.

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Over the Xmas holidays we have released our first quarter of charitable donations valued at 817.348 EOS. We will also be sponsoring EOS meet ups and lines of code or useful articles that are run by the EOS communities in the near future.

We are also exploring further ways POOR token can be implemented within the EOS ecosystem. As well as exploring other Dapps that can be built on EOS.

A Proxy For The Good Guys

With our proxy, goodguys4eos, we assign your votes to Block Producers on EOS who meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Have received below 1% of total network votes
  • Adhere to the {{ regproducer }} Agreement
  • Adhere to the Constitution
  • Actively Participate in the Community

You can proxy your vote to the goodguys4eos account at our eosvoter tool, using the command line cleos tool or by researching another voting tool. To learn more about proxy voting, read the explainer by Aurora EOS.

Connect with EOSphere via these channels:


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