GoodGuys Digest: Edition 7

with EOS NodeOne and eosBlockSmith

Mar 13, 2019 · 4 min read

Welcome to the seventh edition of the GoodGuys Digest. We are EOSphere, a standby Block Producer (BP) for the EOS blockchain network. We also manage a proxy voting account, named goodguys4eos, which is used to assign votes to outstanding BP’s under 1% of votes. With this digest we bring you good news from these Block Producers. Hope you enjoy :)

EOS NodeOne


EOS NodeOne has been consistently trying to build the value of the EOS ecosystem by engaging with the community and delivering useful products and tools. They hope by doing this that it will create a healthy spiral in the value of the token for the community and keep compounding on itself as they add more and more value.

Korean EOS Community Conference 2018

Good news

Some of their key contributions are:

  • NodeOne has been consistently trying to improve staking and voting on Mainnet. They anticipated and suggested solutions to the RAM squatting issue, way before the launch of Mainnet and have further suggested other improvements to ensure a stable and sustainable Mainnet.
  • They were chosen by DEXEOS, one of the first Digital Exchanges (DEX) to host their service due to the reliability and performance of their infrastructure
  • They were invited to be technical mentors by Block.One for the London and San Franscisco Hackathons
  • NodeOne organised the very first EOS community conference, straight after the Mainnet launch. Over 400 people, including BP’s, dApp developers and individual contributors, attended the event in Seoul, South Korea. (This is still one of the best and most productive events the EOSphere team has ever attended)
  • They have a popular and informative YouTube channel aimed at EOS beginners.
  • NodeOne have also been very active within the WPS Committee.



Good news

  • In November, they co-organised and co-hosted the Scaling Blockchain conference in San Francisco that followed the San Francisco EOS Hackathon. This included presentations from multiple Block Producers, EOS Dapps, and thought leaders in the EOS community. That same week they also co-hosted an EOS World Tour event that featured some of the most prominent Dapps coming out of the Bay Area.
  • In December, they organised their very own EOS Hackathon for university students in Oklahoma City, as well as co-sponsoring an EOS community Holiday Party in San Francisco.
  • Their most recent contribution is starting a developer series in the Bay Area in cooperation with StartBlock, an EOS incubator. The first event of this series was hosted on January 26th and featured presentations from Alex of EOS Canada on their dfuse tool and from Rose from Secrypto Labs about their new EOS Studio tool.

A Proxy For The Good Guys

  • Have received below 1% of total network votes
  • Adhere to the {{ regproducer }} Agreement
  • Adhere to the Constitution
  • Actively Participate in the Community

You can proxy your vote to the goodguys4eos account at our eosvoter tool, using the command line cleos tool or by researching another voting tool. To learn more about proxy voting, read the explainer by Aurora EOS.

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