Proxy your TLOS to the GoodGuys

Dec 14, 2018 · 2 min read
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What just happened?

The Telos network just launched, and now there are real block producers producing real blocks. So its time you collect your well-deserved TLOS and make your vote count!

If you are an EOS token holder and you really haven’t been keeping track of Telos, read this summary by BlockchainKid.

Proxy to the Good Guys

We are EOSphere and we’ve been running a proxy on the EOS network for a while. We are a block producer candidate on the EOS network, a current producer on the WORBLI network and now a block producer on the Telos network; all networks of which are run on EOSIO software. When it comes to EOSIO software, we love to get our hands dirty on as many networks as we can. Each network has its own unique differences and opportunities, and Telos is no exception.

Where do I start?

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SQRL is the official Telos Foundation wallet
  1. Download the SQRL wallet directly from the Telos Foundation. There may be other wallets available but at this early stage it is safer to trust the foundation’s wallet.
  2. Follow the steps to import or start an account. If you were around during the genesis snapshot, you can use your original EOS account public key.
  3. After inputing your private key, you will be shown the Telos network terms and conditions, which you must acknowledge. Also worth a read and noting how they differ to the temporary EOS constitution.
  4. You’ll arrive at the screen showing the list of block producers. Click on the Proxies tab above the block producer list.
  5. Find our proxy (goodguys4tlos) and click on the square with the small circle inside. You’ll be asked if you’d like to proxy your staked tokens. Boom diggidy!!
Proxy screen in the SQRL desktop wallet

A Proxy For The Good Guys

With our proxy, goodguys4tls, we assign your votes to Block Producers who meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Adhere to the constitution TBNOA
  • Adhere to regproducer
  • Actively Participate in the Community

Connect with EOSphere via these channels:


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