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EOS Radio Weekly Recap: August 19–25, 2019


🔘 Colin Talks Crypto releases ‘Governance on EOS — A Pure Democracy Based on “Unique ID” is not a Perfect Solution.’: LINK

🔘 LiquidApps releases a walkthrough for setting up Zeus SDK and adding vRAM to your smart contract: LINK


🔘 OK Pool announces the winning Block Producers to be awarded with over 100 million EOS votes: LINK


🔘 EOS Radio goes LIVE to discuss ‘Dan Larimer’s Blockchain Identity Solution’: LINK

🔘 Thomas Cox and David Moss join Crypto Beadles to discuss StrongBlock, Block.one and EOS: LINK

🔘 Dan Larimer tweets a ‘What if I told you’: LINK

🔘 Larry Sanger, Cofounder of Wikipedia and Chief Information Officer of Everipedia responds to Brock Pierce’s “Chinese oligarchy” comment: LINK


🔘 BitGo launches multi-signature wallet and custody for EOS: LINK

🔘 Sam Kazemian responds to Larry Sanger’s tweet and dismisses claim of Everipedia moving from EOS: LINK


🔘 WordProof announces partnership with Slant.li, the maker of PrivEOS privacy technology: LINK

🔘 Emanate invites EMT holders to place EMT into the Emanate Growth Pool: LINK

🔘 PredIQt Network releases a development update + UX preview: LINK

🔘 Everything EOS goes LIVE to discuss ‘Bullish dApps News and Updates, Twitter Drama, ENS Marketplace, Scaling Bitcoin with EOS, and more: LINK

🔘 David Moss, CEO of StrongBlock and former Block.one SVP, replies to Larry Sanger’s tweet and speaks on the collusion currently plaguing the EOS mainnet: LINK


🔘 eosDAC prepares for the launch of VOICE with VOICE DAC’s and announces CHOIR: LINK


🔘 Hodl EOS releases a tutorial on how to claim the SOV airgrab and goes over the basics of SOV, the first self-deflationary token on EOS: LINK

In Case You Missed It, Here is last week’s WEEKLY RECAP | LINK

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Roundtable Conversations for the EOS Community

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