EOSreel Dividend model

How to earn daily div from EOSreel

EOSreel just started its staking system, and will start distributing its daily dividend from February 15th. It has simple process for staking your ER.

  1. Go to DIVIDEND section.

2. Put the number of ER that you want to stake, and press STAKE.

3. Check out the current Dividend pool and estimated amount of daily div :)

Ever since our operation date, 910.9776 EOS has already been stacked in DIVIDEND POOL. Let’s see how much #EOS will be there stacked for the first distribution :)

In the NEXT PAYOUT area, “1d 23h 45m 54s” means the time remaining until the first payout day. After the first payout date, EOSreel will distribute dividends every 24 hours.

You can join our community channel to get updated with EOSreel’s newest news and promotions :)

Website : https://eosreel.io
Medium : https://medium.com/eosreel
Telegram : https://t.me/EOSreel 
Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/EOSreel_EN