Mathematical model applied to Red Diamond

Today, I am going to talk about mathematical models applied to EOSreel’s slot game-Red Diamond. We have tested millions of mathematical models to implement the most entertaining slot game and efficient token circulating environment.

Of course, we worked hard to drive huge volume of daily dividend for all EOSreel users!

1. Slot game elements
2. ER circulating environment
3. Profit sharing model

We spent months to deal with millions of mathematical models to satisfy all 3 factors above, and we finally came up with 4 different mathematical models.

winning & losing payouts with 4 different formula

Each point in the table represents the mean value of one million tests. We tried to give users entertaining gaming experiences and constant mining environment by increasing winning rate with huge rewards and by stabilizing loosing rate. After a few days of discussion, we found a model that contains both high game performance and efficient mining systems, and we made some modifications to make it perfect.

This is the final model applied to Red Diamond. This model is a result of months of research by former land based casino executives, social casino game development team, and block-chain developers.

If we apply a mathematical model similar to a social casino slot game, users will have a great deal of difficulty in the mining process.

Red Diamond is the only Dapp that guarantees both the mining environment for ER miners and the gaming experiences for the players.

EOSreel operators who have been involved in land based casino management for decades and talented development teams promise not to change the mathematical model for Red Diamond.

EOSreel, the fine and fair.
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