EOSreel is coming!!!

Epic and Decentralized Slot game

There are lots of EOS gambling Dapps being serviced with fairness that comes from distributed ledger. After experiencing many of these gambling Dapps, we noticed that most EOS based gambling Dapps are provided with same types of games and services.

Most of the serviced Dapps are built with relatively easy structure for developers to code rather than users’ preference, and it has resulted in lowering overall quality of games and services. If these conditions persist, a significantly lower level of services will be produced in the Dapp ecosystem than those provided by centralized companies. This can lower the quality of the users’ overall service experience, and the low user experience can be a factor that users are reluctant to use Dapp. We have determined that providing more high quality, user-friendly services to Dapp users to address these issues can improve the overall Dapp marketplace.

Let us introduce the very first high quality decentralized slot game of EOSreel, Red diamond!

1. Easy and fast game play

You don’t have to study all the complicated rules and formulas to play this game. Hit the ‘SPIN’, and reels will do others for you.

2. EOSreel, the fine and fair

Transparency and fairness are the biggest hurdles to overcome in the online gambling industry. The games of EOSreel are based on EOS blockchain network. Everyone can look up the decentralized ledger that contains actual process of driving the results of each game. ‘Decentralized’ — the key mechanism of blockchain make the EOSreel games completely fair and transparent.

Thus, EOSreel users can test their luck in the free-from-probability manipulation gaming environment that centralized companies could never offer. To add, since EOS network does not collect commission, users can just sit down on sofa and enjoy the reels without paying anything.

3. Shared profit

We are not only trying to entertain you but sharing fine business opportunity and economic profit with you. You can earn ER tokens just by enjoying EOSreel’s superb slot machine game. EOSreel’s unique and outstanding mining system will be announced soon.

4. Diverse promotions and events

There are various promotions and events to keep healthy EOSreel’s ecosystem at all time. You should look forward to it!

5. Milestone

EOSreel will constantly come up with fun and user-friendly game contents. We will make a variety of casino game contents available on our fair and fast gaming platform.

6. Community channel

We will open community channels within Medium and Telegram. Please visit our community channels to get updated with the newest news and various promotions of EOSreel!!

Website : https://eosreel.io
Medium : https://medium.com/eosreel
Telegram : https://t.me/EOSreel 
Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/EOSreel_EN