EOSreel verification process

How to verify your game results

Many gamble Dapps are saying they are transparent with game results because they built their Dapp on blockchain. However, the thing is, blockchain random-number-generator algorithm can also be manipulated if it does not provide proper verification process with its users.

EOSreel is transparent because

1. it is built on blockchain

2. it provides users with verification process of each game result.

Verification process is very important because it makes block-chain based gambling apps so special and credible. I am writing this article to help EOSreel users verify their game results.

The verification process of EOSreel is as follow:

To verify results of Red Diamond, users need to put all factors things in A.


User name: name of the actual better
Bet count: the actual count of the spin
Time stamp: reported the time of the spin
Bet id: it is made by transaction id

We generate encrypted hash with ‘Combine Seed’ through Sha256.


We sign(with private key) on ‘Combine Seed Hash’ so that we get B. We generate hash with B through Sha256, which forms

[Sha256(Signature,Uint8Array(66)] , so we can get ‘Signature Hash’.

Now we generate another hash with signature hash and combine seed hash.

[sha256((Signature Hash):(CombindSeed Hash))] , so we get the ‘Final Hash’.

We format the final hash by having only the last 30 digits of the hash.

Now, we have the 30 digits of final hash, and those digits are going to be converted into symbols of Red Diamond to be displayed on your screen.

Click the ‘VERIFY’ button, and follow the steps above :)

How it is converted into symbols

30 digits will be converted according to the rules below.

Failure to provide accurate verification procedures for the results would compromise the fundamental value of the blockchain. EOSreel believes that the nature of the blockchain, which prescribes trust, is an effective tool to remove barriers to the growth of the online gambling.

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