First Jackpot! but wrong wager

6 Red Diamonds with 0.1 wager was hit!

Today, EOSreel had two significant updates, progressive jackpot and mobile version, while having started a mining promotion. As a result of those updates and promotion, the number of users and volume have greatly increased.

Grand Jackpot applied to Red Diamond

The accumulated jackpot is distributed to 6+ Red Diamonds winners, and the first 6 Red Diamonds winner just came up 2 hours after the updates got applied.

Unfortunately, he could not take jackpot reward because he chose wrong wager. He placed 0.1 EOS for that spin, and won 50 EOS :) because EOSreel’s Grand JACKPOT is only rewarded to 2.0 EOS betters!

However, he doesn’t have to cry since x500 is still great :)

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