Where is ‘Decentralized’ in EOS gambling ecosystem

The blockchain first appeared as the form of digital currency called Bitcoin. Because blockchain has been changed and developed so rapidly, some users have even been unable to keep up with the newest concepts of blockchain. Many Dapps were mass-produced thanks to Ethereum’s Smart contract, which caused huge lnflux of capital to blockchain industry.

Beyond all this changes, the core technology of the blockchain must still be ‘Decentralized’. Currently, however, some Dapps undermine the inherent value of the block chain called ‘Decentralized’.

Currently, most EOS gambling Dapps have a malformed ecosystem that is not decentralized and operated based on ledgers that are not distributed. If a firm depends on undistributed ledger in operating a game, it can result in significant damage to user funds at any time.

Then, how do we distinguish the Dapps with potential risks in EOS gambling ecosystem?

  1. Companies that require EOS deposit of users.
  2. Companies that do not allow users to verify their game results.

If one of these two conditions is met, the Dapp is extremely likely to have problems.

Most gambling Dapps say their games are fair just because the game has been played in a block-chain network. However, if the user can not verify their game results directly, it should not be considered fair. Even if a game is played on a block-chain network, there are data that directly affect the game result, and if not verified, the data can be manipulated.

To add, we see that a centralized deposit system that many other gambling Dapps are using can cause significant and serious problems. Holding deposit of users with company owned account can undermine the value of decentralized block-chain networks.

Blockchain is a great technology. In particular, the value of blockchain in the online gambling industry must be assessed as high as the value of fire in the primitive societies. We have done our best to adhere to its values and will be doing so.

Users of EOSreel can verify the process of deriving their results of each game in the ‘more info’ area, which means that no kind of manipulation can intervene in the process.

In addition, EOSreel does not require users’ cryptocurrency deposit. EOSreel has a structure in which each player’s personal wallet is linked to the game, which means that users are completely free from ethical risks such as firms disappearing with users’ deposit.

In decentralized gambling industry, we believe building fine games with verification process of the game results without any ethical issues from depositing users’ assets is the only way to realize the future of EOS network.