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Let’s get the party started on EOS

EOSTARTER — The first community-powered Incubator for EOS projects

Hello World! Hello EOS!

For those who don’t know me, I’m Hernan, founder of EOS Israel and former director of mobile engineering at Voice. I first became interested in EOS back in 2017 and also became a genesis token holder and a vocal supporter of EOS. I’ve been following Dan Larimer and working towards bringing adoption and new developers to the ecosystem ever since.

Today, I’m proud to announce I’m now the founder and CEO at EOSTARTER.

Simon Sinec wisely said “Start with your WHY” so let’s begin there…

To understand the WHY we need to first understand our current situation.

It is no secret that EOS has had its fair share of issues. People and news outlets in the crypto space have called EOS all kinds of names and have been spreading misinformation. However, the fact is that EOS and its ecosystem are very much alive and one of the best examples of the power and scalability of DPoS blockchains (DPoS = Delegated Proof of Stake).

For those who DO know me it is very clear that I LOVE EOS ❤ I Love the community, the ecosystem, the technology, and especially the people involved, even if my relationship with EOS’s price-action is “complicated”…

However, there is one problem that I have identified as a potential systemic risk to our ecosystem, and that is the lack of continuous innovation and new projects being launched onto the EOS mainnet. This issue alone can potentially drive the interest away from the chain and leave EOS to become stale, and in the worst-case scenario, wither and die.

Entrepreneurs and Developers are excited to develop on a new platform not only when the technology is amazing, the environment and tools are developer-friendly and the applications work seamlessly, but also where there is liquidity, investment flow, and marketing that can support the successful development of new projects.

Most of us had placed our hopes on EOSVC since it was created to allocate $1B towards projects building on EOS. This however hasn’t been the case. I am not here to blame nor claim that I would manage such a large budget more efficiently. This is about finding a solution. I am certain that B1 holds good intentions towards the EOS mainnet and I am confident that they will appreciate the efforts we are putting together to bring innovation into our ecosystem.

Another issue with projects that build their platforms and launch their tokens on EOS is liquidity (or the lack thereof). I’ve been vocally trying to convince leading centralized exchanges to list EOS tokens through the EOS Israel Twitter with no success so far. This is particularly frustrating since some of the leading exchanges are top block producers on EOS, and they just haven’t cultivated the EOS ecosystem as many of us had hoped or expected they might. Again, I am not here to blame exchanges, our governance system, or our consensus mechanism. I am here to propose a solution that can bring new excitement to EOS and therefore attract new developers, new investors, and new users.

That brings me back to the WHY

During my time in crypto, I have been impressed with the rapid advance of blockchain technology and the emerging asset class of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, I have been even more impressed by witnessing the true power of decentralized yet organized communities. This has filled me with hope and I am convinced that given the right tools, such as a proper governance system, sound monetary policies, and an inclusive easy-to-access technology, we can manifest tangible improvements and enrich the lives of billions of people around the world.

Many ideas ran through my mind while thinking of what project to build next. By filtering out the noise of the latest trends and really asking myself ‘What does my community need the most right now?’ suddenly it hit me!

If you have been paying attention, you probably noticed the increasing strength behind the Launchpad narrative. It seems today every major blockchain platform has its own leading launchpad.

So what about EOSTARTER?


Introducing EOSTARTER

EOSTARTER is a new exciting platform #BuiltOnEOS that will serve as an Incubator and Launchpad for EOS projects and will offer project tokens at a pre-sale or discounted price to all $TART token holders. EOSTARTER will also offer access to existing leading EOS projects at a discounted rate in what we call “Syndicate Sales”.

The idea behind EOSTARTER is to build a platform that is powered by the community (active EOS community members), governed by the community (by increasingly leveraging Eden on EOS), and for the benefit of the community (only projects committed to building on the EOS Mainnet will be considered by EOSTARTER).

Our three core pillars are:

1. Provide unique opportunities to all the members of our community

2. Provide maximum value to our teams, participants, and investors

3. Build and cultivate a long-term thriving Investor Community

We will soon make more information available on what makes EOSTARTER unique, details about the $TART token and our business model so stay tuned…

EOSTARTER is a community project and therefore we are always open to suggestions, collaboration, and support. Also, please note WE ARE HIRING! If you have skills and you want to be part of the new wave of exciting projects building on EOS, we have a spot for you!

Come join our Journey, and let’s get this Party EOSTARTED :-)

EOSTARTER is a Community-Powered Launchpad on Incubator on EOS…..

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